East Asian themed CC for Yanzi’s Story.

*Last updated 11/07/2020*

*Last updated Ch. 11.1 (2/04/2020)*

General Mods
– Andrew Pose Player, Studio Effects Player and Teleport Mod (x)
– Tmex T.O.O.L mod (x)
– Buckley’s CameraMods (x)

Blue High School by gbs04147
TOKYO – Restaurant by Danuta720 (First meeting with Masato)
Abandoned apartment by Frau Engel (Crackhouse)
Small town by HoangLap (Curtis’s home)
Tokyo Market Street by junipasims (Steve’s Alley)
Shopping Street by Pralinesims (Girl’s Day out)
Small Venice by Aya20 (Date scene)
Yacht at Castaway Cove by withlovejulien (Masato’s yacht)

Trisha Dawson a.k.a Pizzazz
ApolloOlympus a.k.a Trevor Jeong
OmarGoddard a.k.a Marques Goddard
RK800ConnorSim a.k.a Connor Hecking
Carly Shultz a.k.a Carly Goth

*Please dm/request for specific packs in comment because this list is TOO BIG*
Beverlyallit/Princess Paranoia
Natalie Auditore (I’m linking her blog, but her poses are all on patreon.)
IMHO sims

*Same as above.
– Cigarettes: Haneco, onebillionpixels
– Sports Set: Severinka
– Boarded Planks: DerelictDelight
– Picnic Set: Simadako
– Syringes, Cig box, clutter: SLUMS
– Curtains at Rex’s Bar: BuffSumm
– Retro Office Decor: BuffSumm
– Money stacks & Typewriter: JenniSims
– More office decor and Plants: Simcredible
– ATM: Littlemisssam
– Motorbike: Around the Sims 4

Build Mode Creators
– Graffiti: Sims Dels World
– Grunge Walls: PralineSims, Onebillionpixels

Skins & Overlays
– Bruises: Pralinesims, Pralinesims (story version modified for dark skin tone)
– Split knuckles: SLUMS (story version modified for dark skin tone)
– Body scars: ssvitlans

Clothing & Accessories
– Neckwarmer: simsimi
– Athena’s outfit in Curtis’s home: Nitropanic

Software used
– Blender
– Gimp
– Sims4Studio
– Reshade

One thought on “Credits

  1. I wanted to thank you for this Credits page, I’ve been searching for new poses while I start reworking on my blog and writing again – It’s a slow process with how I’ve been feeling – but I wanted to express my thanks to you for being so organized *hugs*

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