Couple Dancing Mini-Mod

I’m so excited to share this.

I managed to complete an ancient project today. It was collecting dust in my pc for eight months. EIGHT. That’s December 2020. I finally gained enough skill to wrap this up and make it functional in game. 😭 And who better than Curtis and Athena to feature in the promo video!

I know Curtis is far from being bachelor of the year in b2w, but we’ll just overlook that for a moment… 🤣

After you’re done puking over my video taking skills, do read on for what this mod does.

  1. Click another sim and choose the song you’d like your sims to dance to.
  2. Choose whether to dance to custom music or not.
  3. Dancing with music attracts crowds. The silent version does not!
  4. By a low chance, townies will autonomously dance the silent versions.
  5. Both performers and audience will gain buffs, especially those with the dance machine trait. They will get a skill gain boost.
  6. You can also use this as a pose or animation.

Thanks for reading! Pic spam below.

Fame is gained if your sim is a celebrity. (Athena)
Manually ask sims to watch the dance.
Crowd forms as sims dance.
Skill gain buff!
Icon in posepack

Download link here if you wanna try it out.
You’ll also need Scumbumbo’s XML injector.
Put both in mods folder and rip it out anytime.

37 thoughts on “Couple Dancing Mini-Mod

  1. Holy cow, that looks amazing! That must have taken forever to make. Not just an animation, but an in-game interaction that affects surrounding sims, too. I’m definitely going to give it a try in my game – I have just the ballroom to try it out in 😍

    1. 😍 You would!? Ooooh! I didn’t think anyone would want it. 🙈 I added a download link. Feel free to comment and give feedback. I’d love to hear what you think.

    1. I have to stop looking at it again and again. I’m weepy all day. 😢 I feel so much for Angeline right now. GAh the loneliness and how she copes/coped. 😭 Assuming this is canon. Seeing Seth being humanlike is so endearing.

  2. This is awesome! I could advertise it in the Mods News Channel on deaderpool’s Discord server if you like. It’s big, and lots of people follw our news channel.

      1. I tried both slow dances in-game. OH MY GOSH! I was mesmerized by how perfect it was. The only thing is, I wish it was longer. LOL. The way it played out was….I can’t think of the right way to put it. It flowed so beautifully. No glitches, no hesitation, etc. PERFECT!!!!!

    1. Whoops! I originally intended for these dances to be platonic so I made the mod that way, which is rather inappropriate now that I think about it since one of the dance kisses midway. 😆 Thank you for bringing this to light! I’ll fix/test over the weekend and reply your comment so you know. If there’s anything else drop them here. 🙂

      1. Lmao that’s an interesting story direction. I’ve made it stricter for autonomy to run now. Sims will only dance autonomously if they’re in a good mood, feeling flirty, have a high enough relationship and not blood-related. You can still direct these scenarios ofc. Hope that makes it more natural in your game! 🙂

  3. This is incredible, I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for this, it fits very well into my historical game play. A couple of suggestions I would love to make is to put the interaction under the “Romance” category. Right now, random townies who are either complete strangers or not romantically involved are dancing together. I do love the autonomy, but I wish it was restricted to couples, I.E. Spouses, BF/GF, romantic interests, etc. Another suggestion would be to make the animation/music loop a couple of time because it is just too amazing to only last for such a short period. Thank you again for this incredible mod! Looking forward to the rest of your creations!

    1. Those are some great suggestions! I love it! I’ve implemented some. Sims now prefer to dance with their partners than randos. Non-couples will still dance provided they’re feeling particularly flirty. Also added jealousy reactions for a little drama. 😉

      I’ll have a think about putting it in romance category. There are a few more dances incoming so I gave it its own space than bloat the romance category. I’ll have a think where I can put it to make it less obtrusive. Thank you for your kind words! I’ll see how I can implement them in the next dance 😀

      1. Omg thank you for implementing that! I thought the only way to make sure sims prefer to dance with their partners/romantic interests was to put the interaction under the Romance category, my bad. But you are right of course, if there are other ways to make them prefer their partners without clogging up the Romance category, go for it! Non-couples dancing when they are both feeling flirty is also great! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jealousy reactions for a little drama idea! Thank you again! Looking foward to the update! 😀

  4. Firs of all, thanks for you amazing work !

    It seems that I have an issue with your mod 😦 I no longer have the possibility to click on my sims or other sims and have interactions. However, I have the XML injector. Do you know where it could come from?


      1. Oh boy, I actually find the music quite loud already in my game, lol. Would you consider making a louder version a seperate file please? Also, random sims who have no romantic interests are still dancing with each other, unfortunately even with the update. Employees sometimes don’t do their job and start dancing instead. Like at festivals, they stop tending the stalls and go dance, and sims are spamming the interaction a lot. Would you consider making a version that is strictly only for couples please? All the dances could still be in their own menu even under the romance category, so it wouldn’t bloat the catergory.

      2. Thanks for sharing your experience with the music! I will collect more data about its volume and determine if I should change it at all.

        I managed to reproduce the issue of random sims dancing with each other. It seems the tuning I used was a preference for romantic relationships, but still allowed friendly so I’ve created a new flavor.

        Version 1.03.1 places a hard cap on dancing only allowed at romance bar above 50/100. This will make the pie menu disappear between platonic sims and autonomy, and only appear between couples with above mid romantic relationship. It should be very hard to find sims autonomously dancing at this stage. I only had one autonomous dance happen in 6 sim days and that was between my own couple than other sims. Let me know your experience with this flavor. Thank you so much for letting me know about this issue. I really appreciate it!

  5. Thank you so much for implementing the changes and making a new flavor! I will test it out and give you my feedback, thank you!! 😀

      1. The new flavour is much less extreme, so I do love that! 🙂 Thank you! I like seeing my couples dance automously, its super cute! Perhaps a reduction of the 50/100 romance bar point to 30/100 to slightly increase the chances of autonomy/frequency between couples?

        I suppose I wish there was a way for sims to dance more frequently with each other at the appropriate times specifically, and less frequently at inappropriate times, unless they are particularly deeply in love with each other (50+ romance). Say for example if you threw a dance party event, that could trigger the autonomy for sims to dance together to be higher. You could even keep the previous settings, the preference for romantic relationships but also allowing friendly, to only be applicable during certain events, like dance party or black and white bash, etc. And the regular couples only behaviour rule takes over at all other times.

        Or if they are near a stereo they get a buff which pushes them to want to dance using the “No Music” option. Maybe even only when they hear specific song genres like Classical or Baroque (cause it might be weird to see Sims ball dancing to hip pop at a night club XD). Mind you, I’m no modder so I’m not even sure any of these suggestions are feasable. But again, thank you very much for your hard work on this incredible mod! 😀

      2. Since we have likes and dislikes for different types of music genres now, sims can recognise what type of music is playing and react to it depending on how they feel about it. Perhaps that coding/tuning can be used to make them to recognise and pick certain genres to ballroom dance to. So when they hear X genre, they get the buff which pushes them to want to dance using the No Music option.

        This could also apply to when they hear the piano being played or the violin, so not just when they hear a specific genre on the stereo. 😀

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