Between Two Worlds

17.3: Two Worlds Pt 1

“Your dad extended his stay in Oasis Springs? He’s been there for over 8 weeks now!”

Carly continued her barage of questioning while Kian mulled in doubt and worry. Athena sat beside them, quietly sipping her drink.

“That’s all I got from his voice message yesterday. It barely lasted a few seconds,” Kian replied.

“You told us he was meeting a work-related contact. Did he give you a name or an address? Maybe you could contact his colleague instead?” Athena asked.

“He didn’t give any details – only said that they were on the same side and that we shouldn’t worry.”

“Then, you shouldn’t,” Carly chimed.

But Kian thought of the strange hug Jules gave him on the day of his departure. Their usual affections never extended more than a squeeze on the arm or shoulder. Jules had called out to him as if to say something important, but after a brief hesitation, he simply asked his son to ‘Take care’. Kian watched as his dad’s outline disappeared into his vehicle and into the distance.

“I’ll give it another week. If he doesn’t return my calls by then, I’m going after him.”

Carly gasped. “First Term begins next week! You’re going to miss out on classes, not to mention the orientation fairs and club events! I’m looking forward to checking out UBrite Spirit Corps too.”

“I’m not asking you to come with me. And I never wanted to go to university anyway. I’d do just fine without some paper stating I can mix drinks or run a bar.”

“You’re still on about that? Don’t you want something more? I- I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with it. Anyway, I wanted to join the UBrite Spirit Corps with you.”

Kian wasn’t fooled by Carly’s deflection.

“Hold up, what’s wrong with wanting my own bar?”

As Kian and Carly debated on their future direction and campus life, Athena found herself cut off from their conversation. She checked her phone for the fifth time, but her inbox was still empty. Her mind began wandering to her own relationship.

“Athena…? Athena…!”

She found them both looking at her worriedly.

“What’s wrong? The last time you made a face like that was during Trevor’s party.” Kian said.

“What happened?” Carly asked.

“Um.. It’s really nothing.”

“It’s Curtis, isn’t it?” Carly’s expression turned sour. “Every time we hang out, your boyfriend’s always missing! Even today when we’ve planned weeks in advance, he still can’t make it. I’d feel just as you do now! I still don’t get why he’d slave for a company that robs him of his life!” Kian and Athena glanced briefly at each other. Carly had believed their tale about Curtis’s ‘career’. Neither wanted to explain why Curtis avoided high surveillance areas.

Athena sighed. “He would’ve actually made it this time. He did the necessary preparations and cleared his schedule.” She overheard his shady phone call from which she caught the words “gifts” and “lessons”. She shook her head, not wanting to think further.

“Where is he now then?”

“I don’t know… We fought right before I came here. He said he needed to clear his head. I’m not sure where he went.”

“Don’t worry about him.” Kian said. “He’s not a drinker and he doesn’t do drugs. He’s probably sitting someplace by himself being all mopey, puffing his lungs out as usual.”

“Anyway, what did you guys fight about? Kian and I can offer our advice. Kian, maybe you can talk to Athena’s boyfriend since you’re close to him.”

“I can’t.” Kian replied. “He’s avoiding me, told me to stop coming around. He’s moving out and he won’t tell me where either! Stubborn gnomehead!”

“He’s… moving?” She felt her heart shatter inside her. “He never told me. He kept something so important from me…”

“Athena, don’t overthink this. Maybe he wanted to surprise you,” Carly replied. “Let’s take this one at a time. Tell us about the fight. After that, we can talk about his moving.” She looked at Athena expectantly, as did Kian.

… It’s been half a year since we’ve been together. Why are you still involved in crime!? Kian said you promised to leave this line of ‘work’ once you took down some guy, and you have! 

Things’ve changed! I told you, they know about your magic. You’re safer with me running the show.

Stop trying to protect me all the time! You know I don’t like being treated like a helpless damsel! I can take care of myself! I can do strong spells and I take my potion every day — nothing happened to me even when I visit you here on my own. You just don’t want to leave this life because you have men taking orders from you and others kissing your boots. Let’s not forget those trashy perfume I smell all over you when you come home – you like them all! That’s the real truth!

You say it like its a bad thing. At least I worked hard to get to where I am. You on the other hand, threw us under the bus to get those damn spells you so happily speak of!

You.. you promised that when we started this we wouldn’t bring up the past! She’s her and I’m me! This is a brand new relationship!

If you truly think that way, why’d YOU go dig up our past from Kian? You should’ve just gotten to know me. Now you’re tryna dictate my every move.

I was curious about you! And it was only after I found out what happened that I decided we SHOULD try out as a couple! You should be happy I asked about us because that allowed us to happen!

Well, that guy from the past is dead, just like her! This guy’s all that’s left now. Take it or plummin leave it!!

Liar..! If you’ve truly moved on, why are you always living in your head when you’re with me? You think you’re so good at covering up but I catch you drifting in your thoughts — you’re cold and distant. You’re thinking about her, aren’t you? You don’t love me, you love her! Sometimes, I think you secretly hate me..

Well, what you’re doing now ain’t exactly helpin’.

How… how could you say that…! Are you trying to say you do hate me..? That’s it, isn’t it!? You resent me for not being her…

“… Athena…? “

This is stupid! I’m out.

Curtis…! We’re not done!

… Athena!

She blinked back tears and pulled herself back to the present. “I’m sorry. We uh.. we fought about his work…”

“I think your fights are about much more than that.”

Trevor and Kian exchanged a chest-to-chest bro hug along with their usual greeting. “TREV! Thought your old man had you working overtime today,” Kian bellowed.

“I’ve got clients to entertain in a bit.” Trevor gestured towards the empty spot beside Athena. “Expecting someone?”

“Nope. How much time do you have?”

“A few minutes.” Trevor took the seat. “I dropped by because you said Athena’s with you. I’d like to speak with her alone.” He looked to her. “Can we talk in private?”

“This isn’t the best time.” Carly interjected. “We’re in the middle of an important conversation.”

“I heard. You and Kian have very loud voices.” Trevor replied. “I waited by the stairs to give you space, but I’m running out of time.” He reverted his gaze back to Athena. “What I’m about to say is related anyway. Hear me out.”

Athena stomached her feelings for now, burying them inside her as she studied Trevor’s face. His smile gave nothing away.

“… Fine,” she said after a long silence.

Kian and Carly drew sharp breaths simultaneously. Kian thought of the last time Trevor and Athena were alone together while Carly thought Athena’s ‘fine’ sounded not fine. Trevor ignored them both and called an attendant over to service their table. “Go for a 5-minute walk. I’ll be done in that time.”

As the couple left, Trevor fished out a burgundy clutch from a shopping bag and placed it in front of Athena. She stared, recognising its brand and value from her mom’s high-end fashion catalogs.



“Trev! What on earth..”

“This gift has been sitting in my room for the past five months. It was meant to be your Love day present,” Trevor paused. “By some strange miracle, you seemed happy then so I didn’t give it to you, but I think it’s time.”


“Calypso, wait.”

“Dew, I’m sorry. I’m flattered you feel that way, but..”

“You don’t need to come to a decision today. Just listen.”


“I know we can barely count the number of times we’ve hung out together, but I’ve been keeping up with what’s happening with you. I know things are difficult between you and him, that…”

“… you’re constantly bickering, you can’t see eye to eye and you both want different things in life. Don’t you see that you’re just not right for each other? That you belong in…”

… different worlds?

“I’ve only met him once and I can already tell he won’t be able to understand you. People like him resent us – as if we’re sinners for being born into fame and fortune. He doesn’t understand the struggles and pressures we face, the…”

“…. circle we keep and the things we’re forced to do to get by. She’ll never understand your lifestyle and decisions. She’ll hold you back from reaching your full potential. You’re both too different.”

“You can stop right there. And take your gift back! What you say is not important. Curtis and I may come from different backgrounds but we share ourselves and our lives. We make new memories and experiences. We love each other and we make our relationship work!

“And how are you sharing your lives? You’re always on your own if not for Kian and Carly. You’re never with him at wherever he disappears off to either. You’re both headed…”

“… towards different directions, but stay with each other for ‘couple activities’. Anyone can provide that. Heck, I’m a better candidate than her. And this ‘thing’ you have for each other? It’s not love. You’re…

“…using him to fill a void in your life. You want someone to stand on your side, someone to quench your loneliness. You want…”

“… some place where you belong. Be honest. After all this time, does she feel like home? You’re stuck in an illusion, deluding yourself that she’s the right person for you, but you’re falling apart because it’s not true. You’re unhappy, but you don’t want to be alone.”

“That’s enough!” Athena rose abruptly, scraping her chair against the floorboards and gathering a few onlookers. Trevor studied her curled shoulders and hands crossed around her heart as if to protect from his words. He slowly got up and made his way to her.

“We had a connection that night.” His arm held hers, his soft voice crooned in her ear. “That’s why you avoided me for the longest time. Because you know I can understand you better and what you’re going through. You didn’t want to face the truth that I’d…”

“… appreciate you much more, how you fight every day against a cut-throat world. You know that you’re better off with me — I’d be able to stand by your side and take on your challenges with you.”

“Kian and Carly are too polite to say this, but…”

“…you’re just not meant to be together.”

“Unlike him.. I come from your world. I know what you’re looking for. I can take care of you, the…”

“… way you deserve, the way you need. I will encourage you, aid you and be there for you.”

“You chose (me as your savior/ to save me first) that night. You like me. You find me intriguing. You know we’ll work out.”

“You’ve given it your best shot. It’s time to let go.”

She was inches away to a second strike but stopped herself. No, she can’t give him the satisfaction — the satisfaction that he had shredded her heart and unleashed all her fears; that he arose doubt and uncertainty in her. She had to stay calm. Trevor. Is. Wrong! She’s NOT using Curtis! What they have is real! Their differences make it tough, but they work at it together. She did everything she could for their relationship. She kept his secrets, accommodated his lifestyle, learned more about him and that girl so she could-


“You finally realised it.”

“You know where to find me.”




**So because of my newbie-ness, I didn’t realise this entire section is considered a proper chapter instead of an epilogue. So I’ve changed the headings. Sorry for giving a false impression the whole time. 😅

26 thoughts on “17.3: Two Worlds Pt 1

  1. ohhhhh this has taken an ugly turn – and I like it.
    Athena doesn’t know who she’s with, and Curtis wants something he cannot have anymore, so he keeps withdrawing. ugh.
    I’d say a break up may be the best for them. Athena may have to find herself first, for now she tries to be too hard what she thinks Curtis wants, while he clings to the past and fails to really see her. 😑
    Trev the toad please stay away, nstead of abusing once more a confused girl, and Dew better look for another, less suffering dude, bc this one certainly won’t make her happy.
    I think it’s needless to say Athena and Curtis both should probs stay on their own for a while too xD

    1. Yeah, they really rushed things and for the wrong reasons too.

      😂 Trevor is way way down on your list? You’re right that Athena and Curtis are both confused, and could do with some timeout to clear their heads, but I am still undecided if they should break up.

  2. Dew, I defended you a few dozen chapters ago, so STAHP BEING A HOMEWRECKER!
    You too, Trevor. Bad sims! BAD! Wanting to start a relationship with someone you’re attracted to is all fine and dandy, but NOT while they’re still together with someone else, and DEFINITELY NOT before they have broken up! That’s flippin’ common decency!
    *angry muttered threats to both of them*
    Right. Excuse me. I get a wee bit emotional about this sort of thing. XD

    But – ill-mannered habits aside – both of them do have a point. If Curtis didn’t even tell Athena he’s moving, and Athena reminds Curtis of what he lost when she traded away her memories every time they’re together, then a LOT of work needs to happen before they’ll be back to any sort of a stable relationship. People do grow apart. Especially young people as they age and life takes them on different paths. Some couples are strong enough to withstand that, but some are not.
    With Athena, the core problem seems to be her memories. She really is a different person than Curtis knew, and there’s nothing she can do about that. Unless there’s a way to recover her memories. I do remember creepy Morgyn guardian explicitly saying that you can trade back for what was lost. These deals never end well, though, so that’s probably a terrible option in and of itself.
    Curtis, to me, seems scared. Scared of losing more of Athena, and yearning for the person she no longer is. Scared of what the two of them have become. Scared to give up any sense of power, now that he’s in so deep. He might think there’s truly no backing out now (thank you for that, Masato -.-)

    Oooh, and can Curtis see Grim now, too?! Are they connected now as well, since he broke the rules to resurrect him back then?

    I loved the screenshots in this chapter and writing. They flowed into each other so well, back and forth between Athena and Curtis. The closeups of trevor whispering to Athena, the shadow of Dew and Curtis on the ground – gah, it all worked so well! How do you do that?! xD
    Also, did you colour-coordinate Athena’s and Trevor’s outfits on purpose?

    Oh gods. This comment got way too long. I’m so sorry. xD

    1. Ahh thank you for such a lovely comment. I actually love long comments! I see it as we’re chitchatting and discussing a story. We just need tea, cupcakes, nice sun and cafe music in the background! 😆 Please don’t pressure yourself to write long comments though I love “punchy” ones as well.

      Yeah these two kids need to work on their relationship for sure. It’s also their first relationship. And with all you’ve outlined about Athena being a different person and Curtis being fearful, (you’re spot on about his feelings and there’s a big reason why which you’ll find out soon!) I don’t like to use this term but I’ve labelled their rshp as ‘complicated’ 😆

      Yes! Curtis can see Grim now! Grim did something, not telling 😛

      Ah thank you for the feedback! I’m so glad this back and forth writing worked! Have you tried the camera mod yet? I’m just going to attribute my screenshots to the mod lol.

      I didn’t color-coordinate A & T’s clothing, though I wanted their clothes to reflect their ‘status’ so it might have came from that. 🙂

      1. Haha, shade for me, please ^^ I can bring the cupcakes if you bring the tea! My favourites are anything with fruity scents or flavours.

        “Complicated” is still putting it mildly, in my opinion xD I wonder if Athena would try to get her memories back, if Curtis was the one to ask her. I wonder if Curtis would even ask that in the first place. No idea how much she told him about the deal, so he may not know the fine details of it.

        I haven’t tried the mod yet, but it’s on my list of things to try out, together with Reshade. Maybe after the next chapter.

      2. You’ll find out just how much she told him about her memory loss in the next chapter. 😄

        Oh you totally should try both the camera mod and Reshade. After you’ve tried reshade i doubt you can ever make stories without it. Its that much of a (story) gamechanger!😄

  3. Oh man, at first I was rooting for these two, but now, I think maybe the best thing would be for them to break up. They both have a lot of baggage and need to do a lot of soul-searching and work to make their relationship work. Plus, I don’t think they are really communicating effectively with each other. Curtis is sort of withdrawing and not telling Athena what’s going on, to protect her. And Athena is just blaming everything on her memory loss (which I don’t think is Curtis’s issue at all). I do think that maybe they would be best to go their separate ways at this point, just because they are both becoming very different people. And as much as I hate to say it, I don’t see Curtis getting out of a life of crime any time soon. He’s been in it too long and there will always be a ‘bad guy’ to take down. I could be wrong though.
    I think Athena can be a little bit naive at times, and she’s still very young. Maybe being alone would be good for her. I think figuring out who she is, and what she wants in life, might be a better course of action than worrying about Curtis all the time.
    And I’m wondering if this is a new Grim or the old one and why he is visiting Curtis. You don’t have to answer that, just writing my thoughts out. 🙂

    1. Ahh.. you’re right. They’re pretty clueless when it comes to relationships and they’re both trying to overcompensate for whatever reasons that are plaguing their minds. Some couples overcome changes well, but ehh we’ll see if AC ship sails (I really want them to, but at this moment their relationship is completely character-driven so even I am just pulled along the ride and following their personality. Not sure if this makes sense 😆)
      Oof you’re on to something about Curtis there. I’m supposed to feature that bit next chapter but it got so long I had to split it in half but it’ll be addressed!
      Oh, yes definitely. Athena has naivety written all over her forehead. I mean, she’s in a rshp with a person who’s involved in crime! Really now? xD I think she needs that soul-searching bit for sure too.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I really love reading them. They’re a highlight for me!

  4. This is precisely why I said it might be better for him to be dead. She doesn’t really know him, all the deep meaningful things they shared, and the experiences that bonded them, they can’t be recreated. She knows she should want the idea of him, because that’s what her diary and his actions say, but the thing that lit the fire in the first place is not there. As for Curtis, he’s not in love with this “new” Athena either. He loves the Athena that’s gone. Unless Grim/Morgyn somehow manages to re-conquer his untamed magic powers to press a reset button on all of this and get the missing parts of Athena back (which may well destroy Grim/Morgyn in the process), they’re just torturing each other at this point.

    Gah, don’t kill Trevor! The guy is growing on me (Well, he isn’t. But he isn’t wrong, he suits new Athena much better. I’d probably be more interested in following Curtis and Dew, though.)

    1. There’s definitely bliss in ignorance. 😢 She definitely tries, but you’re right. The emotional depth they created with one another is lost. You’re right about Curtis too.
      I didn’t understand what you meant about Trevor, but OH now I see what you mean! No worries, Kian will not push Trevor! 😂 Oooh you’re definitely making new ships!

      1. Haha I actually thought he was just distracted about the blowout and was going to walk right under a car on his own, and that Kian saw it about to happen but was going to try to pull him away – that’s the level of urgency Kian had, bless him! I never thought he’d push trevor under a car, Kian doesn’t have a bad bone in him ❤️

      2. OH… Dang! Thanks for the feedback. Someone else thinks so too! It must’ve went through my blindspot when I was making the pic. 🤣

  5. Carly’s offer of relationship advice cracked me up. Girl, you have zero idea what Curtisena (yeah, I’ve just come up with this name for them and I did pick it because it sort of sounds like a ‘courtesan’ in my native language lol) has to deal with.
    Again you answered my question about Curtis not quiting the crime (and smoking either – for the same reason clearly) after he killed Lucian. He’s truly become Lucian. He got to the point he can’t quit. He knows no alternative and he most likely enjoys it, all the power at least. And as it always is, the girl (Athena) will eventually see it too when the rose-colored glasses finally wear off. They are already slipping off her nose.
    It just ocurred to me how ironic it would be if Curtisena became the next Kirino and Masato.

    1. 😄 Curtis’s past and Lucian’s conditioning is definitely there. He’s resisting it for now. Some people can put it at bay for the rest of their lives. Who knows maybe he is one of them or maybe it will consume him.
      EEEH I hope not! MK is so tragic I don’t want to have to write another one. But I let my characters drive the story so we’ll see how it goes. 😂

    1. This is the part where I went on your tumblr and went ‘HOMG!!!!’ and downloaded everything. Seriously. I love Athena’s blouse and the shirts (not featured here because doesn’t suit teens) I can’t wait to use them for my adult sims ❤

      She still doesn't remember him. She gets most of her information from Kian and assembles the rest herself (confabulation xD ). She asks Curtis if she thinks she can risk it but it usually makes him withdrawn so she prefers not to.

  6. This was very well written.

    So Athena truly feels like she’s a different person from “that girl” that Curtis fell in love with? That doesn’t exactly help their case to preserving their relationship.

    And I wondered if Trevor would make a move. I can’t decide if he’s scum or being honest.

    1. Yeah theres a name for this but i cant figure it out. A very strong disassociation to a part of your own identity for specific reasons. Lol scum or being honest is the best thing Ive read in awhile of him 😂

  7. You weaved the two conversations together as one, the message to both of them is the same. Athena and Curtis seem to be on the verge of giving up on their relationship. The choice between fighting for something that’s maybe not there anymore, or move on with someone from their own circle. One push in any direction can tip the scale. But do they both come to same conclusion?

    1. Oof I love how you condensed the chapter down to its core and extract the question it asks. So true. Is it worth fighting for? What’s the ultimate goal? It’s so tough and there’s an arguably better companion right there by their sides anyway.

      “”One push in any direction can tip the scale.”” Have you been reading my mind, Maggie? 🙂

  8. I loved the way you went back and forth between Athena and Curtis having similar conversations. And they both rejected the other even though they made them think. And is grim there just checking on Curtis? And why is Kian running after Trevor? Cliffhangers.

  9. I’m judging everyone by their coffee order.

    Okay, I’m judging Kian for his coffee order. But that Simlish Donkin’ Dunnts on the cup is sending me.

    Okay, I’m not actually judging Kian for his coffee order; the boy can drink whatever he wants, even a gross calorie bomb that looks like it contains a whole week’s worth of processed sugar.

    Skimming other comments, but I’m sure everyone has commented on the cool double-conversation effect. For what it’s worth, even though Trevor and Dew both have something valuable to say, maybe it wasn’t the best idea for them to be the ones to say it? They’re hardly unbiased. Eh, they’re kids, they’re trying. Good on them both for going the pragmatic route of “hey, the crime/magic thing is a dealbreaker and stuff, you’re clearly unhappy” route rather than the “your epic romance cannot be because, alas, the love between a street criminal and the modern-day aristocracy is tempting but forbidden.” Feels like a deconstruction of bodice-rippers! And I love those! (Deconstructions. Not trashy romance novels.)

    Trevor’s right: Athena’s friends are a nice stack of no help. I do have to question why both these people have intimate details of Curt and Athena’s relationship—you wanna give them some distance, buddy?—but also have to confront my own biases, given that the only reason I prefer Curtis over Trevor is that blond/es are so not my type.

    Rock it, Grim!

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