Between Two Worlds

16.5 Illusion

#NSFW (No bits are shown if you’re wondering)

Amidst the cold
Fallen flowers turn to frost,
Why look from afar and
exhaust the moonlight?

Make use of now,
Lest we run
out of time.

I look on, for ice
pierces my feet and soul.
How could you leave our chorus
adrift in wind and storm?

Now it’s gone
And you dance

to a new song.

You are lost.

As are you, stranger.

You float through
endless mist and fog
Only to arrive at
her tombstone

Beneath a peach blossom tree.

Petals fall in your hair
And onto your clothes
A fleeting touch before
they wither

As we do tonight.

You speak
Of cold pyres and
Scattered ashes

But I do not pine for fading stars

I accept
the layer of dust

On our past.

For I have learnt that
In love and death
We do not decide

… neither of Hate.

It stains my lips
as I speak your name.
My heart bleeds
for I held on and out to all
but am felled by
your drawn bow

Now we love on borrowed time.

Perhaps we are destined to burn

But not tonight.

A/N Funfact: The poem is lyrical. >.> Song wouldn’t get out of my head.

Credits: All poses from Simberlin. Special thanks to @candycotton for musing with me and sending metal music that helped me set the mood for this piece. (😆) Check out the guru at human relations at NBHT: Neighborhood Talk.

19 thoughts on “16.5 Illusion

  1. ahhh I Love the screenshots! so beautiful 😢
    I’m still in awe how you can just write poems 😀

    and that shout out omg 🙈🙈 but thank you 💖

    1. Eh you helped me so much! No worries about it! Thank you for helping me get through my block 🙂 I’m glad you like my kindergarten-friendly screenshots 😝 No no that poem took a long time too and is lousy at sending any message haha. Probably should stop myself from making you guys confused. v.v

  2. So, this is the last chapter, right? Did they get married after this story ended? And did Athena remain an inexperienced spellcaster?

    1. There’s an epilogue coming 🙂 Thank you for reading. It’ll answer more about her magic and what happens to Curtis and Athena and everyone else in the banner.

  3. I’m probably just confused and I’m not the best at interpreting poems. But I still took different meanings from this chapter. At first, I took it at face value that somehow Curtis survived and he and Athena are together again. But then I reread it. It mentions death a few times; I don’t know if this is literal death or just a metaphor for something else, like Athena losing her memories of Curtis. It also mentions betrayal, and maybe this just relates to Athena choosing the book over her memories of Curtis.
    But then, my mind starts cooking up other explanations. So I’m thinking, are they both dead and this is some weird afterlife? Or did Curtis make a deal to spend one night with Athena and then he has to die? The poem mentions cherishing this one night they have together. Or does Athena turn into the Grim in the future through her magic, and she somehow can go back in time (in her death form) and resurrect Curtis so he can spend one night with her in her teenage form? That one is way out there, but I’m trying to explain how he survived the fall and Grim showing up and Athena’s connection to Grim. Maybe I’m reading it all wrong and being dense, or reading too much into it, or just coming up with whacky explanations to explain everything, lol.

    1. Ah there’s no such thing as “best” at interpreting poems! Thank you so much for sharing your interpretations with me! I really wanted to know how it’s seen from other perspectives so I can decide if I should ever write like this or its too confusing.

      Face value is right. The story direction will continue from there. But your deeper analyses are not wrong (That’s why I say it has multiple interpretations!) The reason why I had to write a poem than a straight forward narrative, and the reason why I called this a bonus chapter (not just because its nsfw) is because this is a… culmination(?) or gathering between all my diverging story lines AND gameplay. I won’t detail all of them, but I’ll show you where in alternative universes (endings) you got it right. There is a ‘weird afterlife’, they only had one night, Curtis died, one of them is in death form. My explanation is confusing because I’ve basically told you snippets of all the endings! But in my gameplay, Curtis died. 😭 She has two children from him. Storywise, it’s the face value.
      There’s also a darkness in the poem which I’ve outlined in the explanation. It’s so subtle its easy to miss. Thank you again You made my day so much! 😊

  4. The poem was beautiful. You are very talented. So much pain and loss, I do feel for Curtis. Oh man. This is so sad, but in a beautiful way. So bittersweet. 😭

    1. Aw thank you. 😊 I’m so glad you like the poem. When I posted it I thought, man this will probably fly over everyone’s head and to the moon but oh well. Carpe diem. 😄 Yeah.. gah.. This chapter is such a mixed bag.

  5. Oh well. We knew this would happen eventually, but don’t expect me to throw confetti on them or anything. Excuse me while I go drink myself into oblivion. 🥃

  6. This poem is stunning. And my heart is breaking for both of them. They are running out of time…. so my guess is they can’t stay together. This is one and only one night… for now. Maybe some kind of deal with Grim, or Athena is an Aelrendeth so like Grim she will lose her physical body, or the law will catch up with Curtis, or worse, his past. So many theories. We were destined to burn… okay, multiple interpretations there… burn as in passion, burn as in fail, and burn as in death. This was raw and tragic… and I would like it better if Curtis wasn’t the guy he was in the last chapter. I’m actually starting to believe Athena deserves better.

    1. Oh dear.. your interpretation of the poem is beautiful. 😭 im weepy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think it’s tragic here too, but thankfully this isn’t the end. 😅😂 i can’t promise the real end is better but at least it doesn’t stay like this.

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