Between Two Worlds

15.2 Family Secrets

“Calm down, mortal. I am not your enemy.”

The words barely left him before Avery hurled all four lightning balls towards him. Upon collision, they exploded into a lethal web of electrical energy, rippling and spreading in all directions across his torso like the mighty grasp of a Thundergod, coursing fatal discharge of high voltage currents. It was safe to assume that the recipient of Avery’s magic would experience the most excruciating death.

Yet the Reaper all but gave a lazy wave. In an instant, the billion volts of electrical energy neutralised into thin air. Electrons dispersed along with Avery’s magic in a glimmer of tiny lights. Both would’ve laughed at how ludicrous the Grim looked, if not for the severity of the situation.

“I shan’t raise my hand upon you, mortal, for your actions stem from a mother’s need to protect her young against perceived perils.” He said solemnly, brushing off any reminiscent magic. “Hear me, Sorceress! Your child is safe. She is simply on a mission to reclaim her fate.”

“Reclaim her fate?! I saw her disappear with my own eyes! Where did you send her off to!?”

“I understand the terror you feel. You have endured heartache no mother should feel in the past few months. Lady Athena is in the Magic Realm, seeking ingredients for the draught of good fortune. I shall explain, so long as you remain civil throughout.” He cast his gaze at her unnecessary battle posture.

It wasn’t a difficult decision – there were far more advantages having a Reaper on your side than not. Avery conceded, allowing her aggression to fade. “She’s not safe in the Magic Realm! But I will listen. Tell me what’s going on.”



Moral of story: Trading magic for money is a bad idea. 😐

25 thoughts on “15.2 Family Secrets

  1. I knew it! The second she summoned those lightning bolts, I knew it had to be something like that!
    And for god’s sake, Athena! I know you’re young and gullible, but that was a LITERAL shady figure in a dark alley with his hood up! You do not trust people like that, period! Damn it, does whoever has her vial now have control over her body? Whatever they have planned for her, it can’t be good.
    Gah, and Curtis, Grim and Avery aren’t there to help her. This is very bad.

    I love the spin you’ve put on the magic realm and Morgyn. You’re making me want to buy this pack more and more. Must… resist… nnngghhhhh… xD

  2. I love how Avery explains that Athena’s greatest gift is also her biggest downfall. I have that problem with my daughter. She sees the good in everyone, and it leads to pain much more often than not.

    I wonder if Athena will ever learn that? And I wonder if I want her too. I feel the same about my daughter. Although, Avery and I are both concerned about the pain that that personality causes. Yet still, is it better than the alternative? To not trust anyone and see badness everywhere?

    Why isn’t there a happy medium for some people? I feel like I have a happy medium, but maybe that comes with age. What do you think Athena should do? Stop being so trusting?

    And wow! She’s a descendant of Morgyn. She has Grim pretty confused.

    Also, I can’t read the last word in the second line of the ending passage/poem. Can you tell me what it is?

    1. Aw yes.. I agree with you entirely. This story is based on that concept Avery mentioned actually. That what we perceive as gifts can also be our greatest weakness. I.e. Athena’s privileged life has made her quite naive. This is also reflective in other characters.

      This is a question I ask myself too!! Ahh! I love reading your responses! Is having a trusting, caring soul who sees the good in the bad better than a soul hardened by life’s experiences and sees the worst side of humanity all the time? Your daughter is a beautiful soul and I would love to hear her response on this philosophy of thought. I hope you ask her!

      Ah since my story explores this concept I can’t answer your question. Sorry for being mean but I’m making you live her experiences to find out if she’ll create a happy medium for herself in the future (if you continue to read) xD.

      Second line of ending of poem is “Darkest of heart meet virtue of light” Sorry about that! Is it the font size or the font design? I’ll make sure to use a more generic font in the future or increase if you let me know!

  3. So… Athena’s fate was altered magically because of her mother? Interesting.
    Grim still could be Morgyn. I wish. 😁 It would make sense for her grand grandpa to watch over her in a way, wouldn’t it?

  4. Ooooh. So is that why Avery made the journey from the magic realm all those years ago, when she came into the human world and met Athena’s father? Because she realised what she’d traded?

    And… this family reunion should be interesting.

  5. That last line made me chuckle.
    Oh I have so many questions! Avery traded her own daughter to gain such powerful magic? Why? Did she realize she was doing it? Was she tricked? Did she do it to save her husband not knowing her daughter would be affected? Or did she do it willingly (thus making her an awful mother, I guess)?

    If Athena had stayed, would she have encountered trouble with …guy who’s name I can’t remember? Eek. (I kinda wish you had a character list sometimes. I’m trying to keep up with everyone.) Or would Avery have been around to stop it? Did Grim know this and allow Athena to go through?

    Gawd… Athena why are you so naive? Why did you just give away your magic, girl!? Who is calling to her? Is she going to be okay?

    Ahhhh… okay, so Avery is related to Morgyn? That means Athena is too? So Morgyn, the evil sage, the sage that went crazy, the sage of Untamed Magic, is an Aelrendth? Did you talk about this before? Am I just forgetting? Avery is an Aelrendth? So something like Grim?? So that’s why Athena can see him and same with Avery?

    I told you… too many questions. Must. Keep. Reading.

    1. Aw thank you for penning your thoughts down. It helps to know if I’m writing the story in a way that elicits the questions I want and whether I was able to answer it. I think you’ve found the answers to these questions in the next chapter. 🙂

      That’s Lucian/Scorcher in the pictures. That’s a good idea! I should make a character page!

      You’re remembering right. And piecing it all right too 😀 The sage that went crazy lol! That’s the best description of Morgyn I’ve heard in awhile. Morgyn as an Aelrendth was mentioned in Ch8 yeah, but I only mentioned it once so it makes sense if you can’t remember it. 😀

  6. She did do something to Athena to get stronger magic. Dun dun dunnnnn. And Morgan is her great great grandfather! And was it he who has hypnotized her to come to him? She went through and so he’s taking her?

  7. Thank you for the moral—I was hoping to get out of using the ATM at the farmer’s market this weekend, but I guess I’ll keep the magic to myself.

    I wonder if the greatest-strength-is-also-the-greatest-weakness recurring thing arises because there are benefits and drawbacks to any approach, and of course the character’s core trait is going to influence most, if not all, of their actions, so the consequences of following a single dogma are going to be magnified.

    So Athena and I have similar issues with being taken advantage of, and you can read CT as something Athena would write if she’d been continuously traumatized and then OD-ed on math. Notably, the moral center of the story is not the character whose unrelenting positivity helps her survive horrific conditions, nor the indecisive character who spends all his time questioning whether he’s on the right path, but the character who takes swift, decisive action to protect the people he cares about. And that’s something you need to be reminded to do if, like Athena, you can easily empathize with the bad guys (though she did a great job here of trusting her instinct to run).

    My point is that Curtis could easily take on a similar role here. I prefer a reasoning-based approach that helps people detect and respond to red flags, and at the very least, you need one voice in your head saying “trust this person!” and another saying “don’t trust this person!” before you start evaluating things on a case-by-case basis and asking, “what actions give me information about whether this person is trustworthy?” They both have something the other needs to refine their world view, and could make a good team.

    Here’s the take from the Morgyn-Ambivalent Club: Noooooooooooo! Do NOT resurrect them, shady figure, I said do NOT.

    1. As long as your universe isn’t b2w themed where everything is roasting in a big wok, I say spread the magic!

      Despite the grey and murky darkness, I truly think AC would work. They’re both just at the beginning of their journey and evolution as people. There’s so much to grow and achieve so long as they’re given the opportunity and space to do so.

      Morgyn ambivalent club 😆 bahaha

      1. … oh shoot, that’s exactly what my universe is. Though I interpret “roasting in a big wok” to also be a melting pot, so like, maybe delicious? There’s a Victorian English recipe that calls for turkey, mayonnaise, and pistachios, so hopefully not that kind of melting pot.

        Appreciate the growth mindset, and I hope both of them will eventually find their way despite the setbacks. I love the way Curtis is set up here: you’ve made him a character that you can’t help but believe in even as he digs himself deeper.

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