Arc 2 · Between Two Worlds

9.3 Mercy (Part 1/2)

#distressing and potentially triggering content #violence #implied sexual assault

  • This chapter is graphic, raw, confrontational, heavy, and dark.
  • There is no dialogue. They are all pictures.
  • You are encouraged to skip because it is obvious what is going to happen. The next chapter has enough clues as to what happened.
  • Click here to skip to Ch. 9.4 or click the next page button below.

16 thoughts on “9.3 Mercy (Part 1/2)

  1. Poor Athena, what a horrible thing to happen to her. At least Curtis got there before it got any worse.

  2. wait, she wasn’t raped during the scene where Curtis is shown?

    poor girl omg. this is ambush traumatizing, no matter what. She’s lucky Curtis was in the area.

  3. I really thought he wasn’t on time. What a relief to read he was! Although this was definitely a terrifying situation and exactly what I was afraid of. Like I said: it can’t keep going well. Athena did not deserve this but she needs to stay out of trouble. These people are no joke.

    I get why this is a picture-only chapter. It tells the story well enough and how hard would it have been to write this out.

    1. Thank you for understanding ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah I don’t think I could’ve written it out. I’m sure you noticed there are some pictures there that seemed like there’s dialogue and there is, but I couldn’t bring myself to fill out those parts.

  4. I’m gutted. What an awful thing to happen to Athena. I’m not surprised, this is a horrible dark world she’s run into, but I’m disgusted and so sad this happened to her. I hope Curtis can help out. And did I see Grim there in the background? I hope this means one of the goons is going to die, and not Athena or Curtis (but honestly I wouldn’t expect either of the mains to die so soon).

    Good choice, making this image-only. I think it makes a powerful statement.

  5. HOLY MOTHER. Those poses must have taken forever! Beautiful, beautiful staging. Especially the one with Grim in the background. Brava, brava, brava!

    Looks like Curtis is done taking that nice lady to the hospital to get her stomach pumped.

    1. I can’t like your comments for some reason. WP is weird lately.

      Oof you got that Curtis took her to the hosp. yeah he did. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Also these weren’t poses. It was a semi-animation. I had it in my head that I need only play it once, snap through all the pictures in that first take and be done with it so I don’t need to click it multiple times. ๐Ÿ˜…

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