Between Two Worlds

5.3 Girls’ day out

“You’re doing great! Now draw the magic from your core and direct its flow towards the tip of your wand. Good, good. I can feel it radiating with your energy. Try the spell.”


The wand tip began to glow and so did the edges of the food-stained plate. In an instant, the plate vanished and a stack of greasy dishes stood in its place.

“Aw, man!” Athena whined.

“Wonderful! You’ve made so much improvement!” her mom cheered. Athena face-palmed, then gave her mom a stony look. “You mean I’ve gone backwards. I made one dirty plate become a tower of filth! Imagine if I was trying to clean up after one of your meet-and-greets!”

Avery laughed. “It is an improvement. You’re no longer breaking plates.” She gave a wave and the plates vanished. A soft ‘chink’ came from the dish rack where they reappeared. “Destroying is easy to do, even a toddler can do that, but you’ve surpassed that stage. You’ve mastered the proportioning of magic around your body and into objects without breaking them! Everything else will come quickly.” Athena rolled her eyes. So what? She can’t clean stains off her breakfast platter.

“No wonder there’s a magic school,” Athena muttered, rubbing a squeaky clean plate with her fingers as Avery made coffee. “Three days just to shift my energy around… I’d probably get teased for being so slow if I was in magic school.”

“Actually, I’d say you’re pretty talented. For our first week of school, my classmates and I broke all our plates and only managed to control our magic in week two.” Athena gave her mom a disbelieving look.

“Believe me, balancing magic is no easy feat. Many in the past have died not being able to control their powers. Seems insignificant now, but all advanced spells require this basic skill.” she went on. “That’s why we have forbidden spells – banned for their effects and for the protection of the caster.”

She thought about her dad. Her mom must have used one of those forbidden spells all those years ago. If it’s forbidden, how’d her mom even know about it? Her thoughts were interrupted with a little present.

“Open it,” Avery said.

Athena shook the box before unwrapping it. It turned out to be a brand new cellphone!

“Since you have a habit of running off on your own, and twice now you’ve met some shifty people, you can notify me if something happens.”

“Wicked! Thanks mom!” she said as she flipped the manual that came with it. “Woah! This tiny thing can store ninety-nine phone numbers? I won’t need that many, but its still cool!” Athena didn’t mean anything by those words, but her mom saw it as an expression of loneliness.

“Let’s have a girl’s day out today!” Avery said jubilantly. “We’ll do our nails, shop and go for beauty treatments!” Athena protested, but her mom was determined.

“I’ll put on a celebrity disguise.” she said enthusiastically. “If nothing else, I want to pamper and spend time with my daughter. Can’t I do that?”

“Of course you can…” Athena sighed. How could she say no to that?


“You look amazing! Oh, we are definitely buying this!” Avery squealed while the shop attendant nodded ecstatically, folding the huge pile of clothing they’d amassed. He was in for a hefty commission.

“It’s too short!” Athena stared awkwardly at her thighs in the mirror.

“Nonsense! Trust your mom’s fashion style! I know what’s trending with youths these days. I’d wear this if I was your age!”

“Of course you would. This looks like it came straight from your wardrobe.”

A familiar voice came from behind them. “Athena looks great! You’ll need a butler to chase off the boys from your doorstep, Avery.”

They turned to see Kirino by the stairs. Surprised, Athena eyed her suspiciously, wondering for a moment if they were followed this whole time.

“Macie!” A quick hug and kiss were exchanged. “I asked Macie to join us. I didn’t think you would mind.” said Avery.

That explained things, but when did her mom adopt a first-name basis with the con-woman?

“I think pastel colors will suit you. They bring out the unique purple of your eyes.” As she spoke, Kirino pointed to a floral pink dress from the clothe-stand. Her mom murmured in approval.

“Eek! No..! I don’t need another dress. And our deal was five outfits of my choosing to one of yours. You’ve snuck in three dresses and five blouses now!” Athena exclaimed.

Avery chuckled. “Some variety is needed. And you don’t need to remove the outfit you’re wearing now, we’ll take it!”

The teen could’ve stood her ground, but she hadn’t seen her mom this happy in a long time. She sat with Kirino instead and watched the attendant round up their purchases, then offer to bring their bags to the car.

“This is actually a good idea,” Kirino whispered to Athena. “If you kept your former appearance, you’ll be too easily recognised on the streets.”

Athena thought for a moment. “Is Steve looking for me?”

Kirino nodded. “For all three of you. Two got arrested that night, but Roge and Steve managed to get away. He’ll be out for blood now, not that he wasn’t before.”

Before Athena could dwell on it, the woman unexpectedly shifted the topic. “We’re having Curtis change his appearance too. Looks like you’re in sync with each other.”

She didn’t think he needed a makeover. Even in his street garb and loosely-tied hair, he looked nice.. she blushed and suppressed the memory. There’s no time to daydream about it. Steve’s coming for us, she thought. I need to be ready whenever, that means mastering this dumb cleaning spell before I can move on to advanced magic!

“Let’s go to the next store!” her mom had returned from the car trip. Somehow, knowing Curtis is out there in a similar ‘makeover’ situation made her less resistant towards changing her own appearance.


By mid-afternoon, Athena was completely drained – a large contrast to her mom’s energized state. Unlike her, Avery had so much fun indulging Athena in her favorite luxuries at each variant of a beauty spa or salon. The abundant selection and incessant promotion of each parlor’s treatments, however, overwhelmed the teen, who finally settled for the bare minimum of each service. Her eyes drooped as the the women exchanged information about the latest development in Newcrest until her mom addressed her.

“We’ve decided that the adults need to go shopping too!”

Athena groaned. “Can I just sleep here until you guys are done?”

“I have a better idea.” Kirino pipped. “There’s an arcade on the east wing of this mall. Go check it out for an hour. Let me give you a quick sketch on how to get there.” She put her muffin aside and readied a paper from her handbag.

“That’s a good idea! Here’s some money for tokens and snacks,” Avery offered helpfully. Athena thanked them – and her lucky stars – before taking the paper from Kirino’s outstretched hand. “Right, I’m off.”

“Let’s meet back here in an hour!” Her mom called out.

But Athena wasn’t listening. All the paper had was scribbles, until she realised it was tightly folded in two. She revealed Kirino’s hidden message inside:

Room C-6-14
Newcrest General Hospital
Walk north for 10 minutes
Thank me later! xoxo

Trust Kirino to pull this off so effortlessly in front of others, Athena thought. But maybe she’s not such a bad person after all.

– I chose the phone because its the 90s. But in other shots they’ll use the in-game phone because it’s too tiring to photoshop each one. 😐

28 thoughts on “5.3 Girls’ day out

  1. About time the girl got a phone.
    It was nice to see her spend some quality time with her mom… until Kirino showed up.
    What a cryptic note.

  2. The phone scene made me giggle and immediately I wondered if you had set your story in the late 90s too!
    This will make a lot easier for her.

    That message is most likely the address where Curtis is stationed.
    I wonder if it is pure kindness that Kirino gave it to Athena.

  3. xoxo? From Kirino? Gah, that gave me the crawlies more than anything else so far. She’s a master conwoman, that’s for sure.

    1. rofl yes. She’s not a likeable character at all! 😆 Though my s.o. likes her boss very much. 🤣 I swear that man will turn gay for this bag of pixels.

  4. Aah, her first phone – still remember mine, not that I needed it as desperately as Athena does!

    I’m kond of impressed with Kirino. Sure she’s all sorts of sketchy, but she’s very good at what she does.

  5. AW, she’s finally going to see Curtis again? Also, that dress looks SO good on Athena, and so did the new hairstyle in the later screenshots! She’s just absolutely stunning.

    1. Aw Im glad you like how she looks! I think she’s pretty too! She’s the first female sim I play that didn’t have the googly huge eyes that is deemed beautiful where I grew up. We had only ONE standard of beauty then (which is sad!) Thank goodness that has changed.

      Ahh too many things happening in the meantime. You’ll only see him in ch 6.3 😄

  6. And I thought this was going to be a mother-daughter trip. Wrong! Macie was invited too. I do think it’s pretty weird to invite a school secretary to your shopping trip. I’m assuming Avery doesn’t have many friends?

    Athena looks so good with the new haircut and dress! She’d been wearing the old outfit for a while now.

  7. Athena looks so gorgeous with her makeover! And when she was complaining about all the clothes she was receiving… girl, I wish someone would sneakily buy me clothes! 😛 Kirino showing up, though, hmm. She grew “close” to Avery so quickly, it’s kind of sad because I can imagine that Avery doesn’t have many friends. But “Macie” is sneaky, so I feel doubly sorry for Avery.

    The magical training is looking cool! I’m excited for Athena to really grow to master her powers, it’s going to be a thrilling time.

    1. Lol I agree with you! She’s so whiny here I’m like she obviously doesn’t realise she’s having a privileged moment because of her sheltered life. Yes, Avery doesn’t have a lot of friends.

  8. She doesn’t think Curtis needs a makeover? Neither do I, Athena, neither do I. It’s impossible to craft an outfit better than the one he already had on. Oh well… RIP Pink Panther.

    You’re Photoshopping the phones?! That is some DEDICATION. I’m also noticing a couple poses you have there, like the notepad one, that also must have taken some setup. (I’m afraid of prop poses.) And I legit don’t know whether the dirty dish thing is in-game or something you came up with, because I don’t do magic. So if it’s the former, just feel free to tell me you came up with it anyway.

    1. 😯 I missed your comment? I remember replying to this though. Yeah those pink shorts are gone. The pencil is photoshop-ed too. The paper is a true prop pose 😀 You’re right about props. I’ve got so much props cluttering my cas and spawning on random townies 😂

  9. Avery is lovely. I enjoyed the training session. Girls day was fun too. It was weird that Kirino just showed up. And how effortlessly she lied. Well, she is a con woman. Athena got a phone. That’s a smart move on her mom’s behalf, and smart for Athena to carry and have one in case she gets in even more trouble. I wonder if the hospital has a certain patient like Curtis, perhaps? 😉

      1. Yep. I do. Much more studly and … all I can think right now is organized but that’s not the word I want. Something like that. 🙂

  10. I cracked up at that phone! I had one just like it back in the day! lol. So – not-Macie is sending her to see Curtis. Hmmm. Seems her mom needed some adult company too. Interesting. Or is not-Macie orchestrating this. And Athena looks really pretty too.

    1. 😄 its not a coincidence that that phone is chosen for athena hehe. Its supposed to represent her time, even if we’ll never see the phone again later. 😅If i knew how to mesh I’d make a proper phone cc haha.

  11. I wish I knew Scruberoo to clean up my entire home : p Forbidden magic is always fun, I wonder where it’ll pop up in the story? It sounds darkly tempting in a weird way so maybe Athena might pick something up.

    Ooh I love the little phone! I had a ‘brick’ phone up until 2018 and I just love the simplicity of them. It’s good that Avery and Athena get to have mother daughter time, but it’s also kinda sad that Athena doesn’t have any friends of her own for a girls’ night out.

    I like the shopping scene and how Avery is a lot more into the high life than her daughter is. Trust Kirino to pull a sneaky thing like that! Let’s see how this goes…

    1. Awww wouldn’t we all want a scruberoo to clean our homes! I would definitely put it to good use. 😛 Aha! Anything forbidden gets a bright red ‘TOUCH ME’ stamp from me. Luckily Athena’s not me. XD

      Oooh! A brick phone til 2018?! Ngl, that’s rather uncommon isn’t it? Though my sister is currently using one. I love them too. I’ve always been a vintage sort of gal though. Spot on there. I too think that Athena desperately needs girl-friends. Or friends, I guess.

      Poor Athena. Getting dragged to do nice things. 😛

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