Between Two Worlds

Chapter 3.1 Sighting Death


She had been drinking the same puke green gunk every morning for almost two and a half months now, and she’d had enough of its vile taste.

Athena poured the potion down the sink and sat the bottle on the counter. She felt a little guilty because Avery made the potion and it did save her life. But really, she felt fine! Her guilt deepened as she recalled her mother’s tearful face, staying by her bedridden side for weeks, nurturing her back to health. It was a face she never wanted to see nor elicit again. When Athena was finally strong enough to speak, Avery was livid and made her promise not to get into fights anymore.

Her thoughts wandered as usual towards that fateful night’s events and how grateful she was to Curtis. If he didn’t intervene or take me home, I would’ve been done for… I can’t put this off any longer.

For there was one thing which ate away at her day and night – she never thanked him for saving her life. He saved me, I yelled at him, he took me home, and I let him leave just like that! Her conscience berated at her.

She made up her mind as she glanced at the clock, continuing her inner monologue. It’s a good thing mom has that art convention today, and Ares won’t be back until 3. I have a good 5 hours or more if I leave right now. No one will even notice I was gone.


There were not many changes to the alleyway – only that the strewn rubbish had been cleaned and the black motorbike was not parked where she’d seen it. I should still check just to be sure, she thought to herself. She grabbed the rusty stair just as she saw Kian do, but realised it was harder than it looked. They made it look so easy, she thought as she heaved herself upwards with what little strength she had.

It was clear from the cobwebs and weathered furniture that it had been abandoned for quite some time.


She walked aimlessly in the area in a futile search to find the duo’s new hangout spot. As noon came and went, she took a break from the sun in a corner bookstore. The shopkeeper looked at her with suspicion, as if he’d decided that Athena was the same as those ‘up-to-no-good’ kids who aren’t in school at this hour. Athena felt a little uneasy. I should act like I’m interested in something.


24 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1 Sighting Death

  1. OMG!!! I’m so excited to be seeing the Grim Reaper hufuhfhug. I always love me a good story that involves Grim! I can’t wait to hear what, if anything, he has to say. ^^

    1. I still havent reached the part where it all ties in with your grim playing chess with life. I’m assuming it’ll be awhile before i do πŸ™‚

      1. Honestly… it ties back to my first story, Pariah, because Grim has a prominent role there… I just decided to use it as like an “excuse” while Xaos’ main character looks so much like Pariah’s main character, haha… πŸ˜…πŸ™Š

  2. Now, that’s just rude, screaming at the sight of Grim like that! xD
    Really though – is this someone in disguise, or did Death really just pay her a visit/go up to scare her? I wonder… I have a feeling it’s the former, but who knows!

    1. Your comment made me laugh! Yes Athena how could you! πŸ˜† Screaming at Grimmy like that ❀

      Ah yes I'm late to the comment but now you know who it is!

  3. Ah kind of like that they guys have disappeared – wonder where she’ll end up running into them next!

    Haha, well Grim likes a good book, I’m sure 😁

  4. She was nursed back to health and the Reaper is coming for her anyway? Well, I hope not.

    I have a question. Is everyone from the previous generation dead? Or are we going to see them still? Since you mentioned this was a multiple generation save, I started wondering.

    1. Ah good question! I played Athena’s generation well into adulthood before I decided to write about it. So this story is going back in time. Unfortunately by then the previous generation had passed away. :<

  5. She didn’t get that boy’s number? Girl! What are you doing? And I am 100% hoping that during Athena’s brush with Death, the shopkeeper looks Death right where his eyes would be and shushes him. Shut up, Death! This is a bookstore!

    The chair/glass configuration makes me think someone important to Curtis and Kian died. You know: two glasses, three chairs, only one has cobwebs.

    (‘she has had’ -> ‘she had had’ or, to avoid repetition, ‘she’d had’; the ‘as’ makes the ‘guilty as Avery’ sentence ambiguous—is she feeling guilty at the same time as he’s making the potion, or does she feel guilty because he’s saving her life with the potion? If it’s the second one, ‘because’ would work better than ‘as,’ but I’d personally restructure the sentence; ‘one thing which ate’ works in Australian and British English but not for American readers, I made a comic about it but WordPress won’t let me link it, say the word and I’ll stop if it gets too annoying; ‘were not much’ -> ‘were not many’; ‘where she saw it’ -> ‘where she’d seen it’ or ‘where she’d last seen it’ or even ‘where she’d seen it last’; ‘she saw Kian did’ -> ‘she’d seen Kian do,’ you know what, ; ‘ as if decided’ -> ‘ as if he’d decided’; do feel free to delete this bit after you’ve looked at it)

    1. Athena hasnt got a phone at this stage. Trying to stay true to the 90s where not everyone has a phone. Lol about the chair bit. I don’t think I ever gave it much thought! πŸ˜„ Oof! Thanks! I didn’t realise there were that many errors. But you’re going to drain yourself at this rate. I don’t mind but I used to grade books for a living and well cant imagine anyone using their down time to mark books unless they were forced to do so. πŸ‘€ but i really appreciate it. :))

  6. Hmmm, ok, Avery saved her with a potion, and it took quite a long time.

    But …. Athena clearly has a death wish. She went back there!! Geez girl! You’re crazy. And I think she just found that out. πŸ€”

    Face to face with death, now what???

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