Between Two Worlds

Chapter 2.4 Impressions

She watched him rev his motorbike and speed off towards the curvature of the road in the distance. Within seconds, she was all alone. Athena began walking towards her family mansion.

The day’s events filled her mind as she recalled how Steve and his thugs chased her, how she was cornered, and how Curtis appeared so gallantly out of nowhere when she thought all hope was lost. As she thought of him, the conversation they had earlier replayed in her head.

“My name’s Curtis,” he corrected her.

“Oh… well, Curtis. I don’t need to go to the hospital. I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine. You’re barely able to stand – you were swaying in the wind.”

Athena started to protest, but Curtis grabbed her hand.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Curtis interjected. He dragged her to his bike, ignoring her weak resistance. “You might be bleeding in there, have a concussion or maybe a skull fracture.”

His words made sense but,

No, the media… the things it will print about me, and mom… oh my gosh, I can’t do that to mom again… How it affects her… Athena can see the headline for tomorrow’s CelebNews clear as day in her mind: ‘Attention-seeking behaviour’… ‘Playing the victim card’…

NO!” Athena yanked her hand free. “I will not go to the hospital! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”

Aah! Athena covered her face with embarrassment. He must think I’m such a kid! As if I was throwing a tantrum, he just stood there and stared at me…!

She took a moment to compose herself.

But he was so kind… and thoughtful…

“Ok then, hop on anyway. I’ll take you home.”

“Wh- what?” Athena was taken back by his calm response to her outburst; her face turned a bright shade of red. “It’s fine! I can make my way back home myself.”

She attempted to walk hurriedly past him shielding her face, hoping the night would provide ample shade for how embarrassed she was. He blocked her path.

“It’s dark,” he said matter-of-factly, ignoring her embarrassment. “You’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood. You’ll get lost or worse, bump into some shady person. Also if what Steve said was true, it’s gonna take you an hour or more to get back to your neighborhood, especially in your condition.” He paused for a moment. “No hospitals. Promise. Maybe your family can talk some sense into you when you get home.”

It’s like, he’s thought of everything for me…

Athena began ascending the stairs to the front door of her family mansion. Perhaps it was the shift in pressure or balance but whatever it was, it morphed her head throb into a thousand nails scratching and rattling inside her head. Amidst the pain, she found herself having moments of blackouts. Every step felt like her feet were cemented to the ground.

She fell as Avery burst through the front doors looking as white as a sheet. “Mom?” Athena’s voice sounded faraway to her, like a fading breeze. Her mother hastily helped her up the remaining steps and into the house.

“Where are you hurt. Tell me now!” Avery asked in a panic stricken voice.

“How… do you know?”

“Your magical energy – its spilling everywhere! Athena, speak to me! No, don’t close your eyes! Where are you hurt! We have to treat you, now!

“… Here…” it was all Athena could manage before her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she passed out cold.

22 thoughts on “Chapter 2.4 Impressions

  1. Oh, I like this so much! I really love the chapter length! Makes it easy to read and gets me primed for the next chapter. The little details in the screenshots, like how you use the hands to express the feelings, are so effective

    1. I’m with you! I try to get the right expressions and gestures because I really want the context portrayed. Those details speak so much for what’s happening.

      I wondered if the chapters had a good balance so that’s great feedback. <: I wanna give you a brownie!

  2. Magical energy! I like that…
    I was afraid since the last chapter when Curtis explained her condition that she’d have brain damage or DAI, and I’m afraid these fears gonna be confirmed…. my only reassurance here is the fact that magic was mentioned (and that it’s still very early on in the story LOL so I have faith in the fact that she won’t die)… I’m so excited to see how these new revelations are going to tie into the story!

    1. I looked up DAI. Thats horrible. And looks permanent like how are you going to get those lesions off they’re in the brain! I’m glad Athena is a spellcaster myself now. I mean the story is low-key already but this will top the charts. πŸ˜‚ Thank you for your comment

  3. Ugh, I loves him ❀️
    Now that Athena is at home, hopefully her mom can nirse her to health with her magic – can’t finish Athena’s story just as it’s getting started!
    Finally tearing myself away, thank you for the ride so far! Will be back for more for sure, really enjoying it!

    1. Aw thank you again! My story is secretly divided into sections: Ch 1-5 as one arc, Ch 6-10, then Ch 11-15. It’s impossible to read it all at once but it’ll help make sense of things πŸ™‚

      1. That’s handy to know! I was wondering, what made you decide to divide each chapter into several parts? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that format before in simlit.

      2. I thought about how books had Part I / Part II so you know where to flip in case the reader forgets to put a bookmark. πŸ˜„ I also like everything organised in neat whole numbers. I planned to finish the story in chapter 15. (Got a little longer than that and it still bugs me lol)

  4. “Your magical energy – it’s spilling everywhere!” OH NO MAGICAL CONCUSSION

    The “playing-the-victim card” line stuck out to me. Yeah, shaming someone for facing misfortune (not even asking for attention because of it!) is a common manipulation tactic. It’s also easier to control the narrative when the person isn’t saying anything, too, like in this case.

  5. It’s so easy to read your chapters. I love the bite size. And I love the cliffhangers. Awww Curtis is so sweet and concerned. I love it. I ship them already. It was nice of him to take her home. I hope Athena is ok.

    1. Ahh that’s such a lovely compliment from you! You know I find your stories amazing. My writing style changes throughout the story because I was experimenting since this is my first writing. Do let me know which you prefer if you reach contrasting styles. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh no, Athena… I can totally understand why she doesn’t want to go to the hospital (and yesss at Curtis respecting her wishes, you go, boy!), but it’s unfortunate that she prefers to avoid the public eye instead of getting looked at after a literal life-threatening injury… sigh.

  7. Oh! This ditzy girl! Although, I suppose her mom can help too. But Curtis was right to try to take her to the hospital.

    And her embarrassment at her outburst is cute, as is his failure to react negatively to it. Although, he’s already inferred that she’s rich and coddled. He probably expects that kingpin of behavior from her.

    My only disappointment is that he didn’t help her up the stairs. But I assume he had his reasons.

    Ok Avery, what now?

    1. Hahaha kingpin of behavior.

      Yeah Curtis wouldn’t react to that… yet. 😏

      Helping her up the stairs would be too close for comfort. What if she had security cameras installed? What if someone sees them/him? πŸ˜†

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