Between Two Worlds

Chapter 2.3 A Closer Look

Warning: tobacco

“We fought for a while after you were knocked out. Then Kian, the guy you met, arrived at the scene and helped with the clean-up. They went scurrying ‘cuz they were no match for us.” He took a puff as he continued. “In all that ruckus, you didn’t move at all. It was a direct hit to the back of your head, so I took your pulse just to be sure. You woke up, and that’s how we ended up here.”

                She had a glazed expression on her face and said nothing. She seemed a little out of it but he could tell she had listened, and would probably need some time to process all that he said.

                He took a moment to dwell in his own thoughts too.

                Strange, he thought.

                She just took on two guys but hasn’t a single bruise on her body. No scrapes nor wounds to indicate her fresh participation in a brawl, except for her massaging the back of her head.

                He didn’t tell her about the loud crack when the bat collided with her skull, nor how he couldn’t detect a pulse for a while. Had the heat of the moment cloud his senses? That would be a first, he contemplated but dismissed right after. If there was one thing he prided himself in, it was his acute observation and quick study under pressure. He was a thinker, who preferred to respond than react.

                Moreover, he thought to himself, she didn’t fit the usual profile.

                She doesn’t have creases under her eyes, nor are they bloodshot. She’s suffering a headache – understandable from that blow, but doesn’t have that tired look they all do. So, how did she get tangled up with Steve’s gang?

                Speaking of which, how was she able to fight those guys and overpower him with those small hands…

                With that tiny frame and… does this girl even eat? … I’d probably snap her in two if I wasn’t careful.

                She must’ve bathed in lavender foam and milk baths all her life. Probably from an affluent background. Her hands were impossibly soft…

             What the hell am I…

             Curtis threw his unfinished cigarette to the ground and put it out forcefully, along with the images in his mind.

                “Let’s go.”

                Athena turned towards him. The guy whose friend called him ‘Curt’ walked up to a motorbike and positioned it’s front towards the exit. He looked at her expectantly.

                “You want me to come with you? Where are we going?” she asked.

                 “To the hospital,” he replied. “You need medical attention, then you can get home from there.”


Curtis – I’m so cool and levelheaded. *Next moment* Amg! I’m acting like a healthy male teen whats wrong with me!

18 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3 A Closer Look

  1. Oh, yeah… Curtis got it bad! I don’t blame him… Athena is absolutely beautiful. Really loved him describing her from his POV and how he sees her, not wanting to really admit that he’s got the hots for her bad though on the other hand he can’t get around it.
    I’m also happy he brought her to the hospital …. the heart of the medic within me dropped when he described how he’d heard a crack and for a while she hadn’t had a pulse. I hope she don’t have a skull fracture or worse… I need me some more of these two!

  2. Oh damn, she can come back from the dead?! Or maybe she has rapid healing? Or magic that repairs the damage? Gah, need to know!

    I like how you use your poses ^^ It really makes Curtis look like the calm and collected type, especially with that squatting cigarette pose. Was he referring to vampires when he thought about creases, bloodshot eyes and tired looks? This keeps getting more interesting!

    1. Oh that’s such a good question. You observed right that there’s something special about her that allowed her to live this moment. 😃 It will be answered later on in the story! Curtis is referring to something less upstanding. 😅 No vampires featured.

  3. Haha the summary note was brilliant 😆
    I wonder if she somehow inwittingly used her magical powers to heal herself. Or if her brush with death as a toddler had some sort of lasting impact. Or both!

    1. I love your questions! They will be answered in the later chapters! 😀 (I’m the kind that doesn’t like unanswered questions so I hope I’ll get all of yours!) I’ll drop a hint that, yes, her brush with death has a lasting impact. You’re free to guess how and see if it happens! 😀

  4. ‘Warning: tobacco’ cracked me up. Oh no, beware of the tobacco!

    It’s smart Curtis is going to take Athena to the hospital. I’m glad you didn’t gloss over that and make her walk out just like that, all fine.

    1. Lol I just realised how much of a troll my CW is. I haven’t a clue about warnings when I started so I made CWs for everything. I think I’ll just leave it there. 😋 Thanks! I try to make it realistic even if there are magical themes!

  5. lol at the author’s note. Accurate~
    I love how you took us on a journey through Curt’s thoughts. From intrigued to confused to… interested, if you get my gist, haha. Very cool way of deepening his character.

  6. Lol. He’s so worried about her mortality that he doesn’t want to accept his own humanity. I wonder what will happen when he discovers why she isn’t that hurt.

  7. Ok, I’m not wrong, she did die. She was “Mostly dead” (I’m not sure if you’re old enough to get that reference 🤣)

    Anyway, I can see why Curtis is so very confused. So was I. And I’ve read ahead! Lol, I’m pretty sure I remember this part now.

    Lol! I’m so lucky that I’m reading this saga after it’s done, or I’d be upset waiting for the next chapter 😂 Great job building the suspense! What is going on here? (Is what I would be asking – except I already know!)

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