Between Two Worlds

Chapter 2.2 The Brawl

Warning: violence, light profanity

                “MY GOD, GET IT ON ALREADY!!”

                Athena jumped out of her skin. Curtis was startled too as he glanced upwards at his overzealous friend with a bemused look. The flame-haired lad was no longer crouching quietly behind a wheelie bin, doing as his friend had asked. The tension in the air was so thick, and both of them were so passive that Kian just had. to. do. something!

                Kian wasn’t the type to dwell in inaction. He possessed a vigorous spirit that required a constant source of activity or entertainment. His restlessness manifested itself in everything he did – his loud and impatient speech, intense pursuit of goals and risk-taking nature. He wasn’t one who let opportunities pass by and watching Curtis and the girl stare at each other for what seemed like an eternity was a grand torture to him.

                “I just aged 10 years watching you sit on your backside, Curt! Come join me when you stop being a tree stump!” he bellowed.

                Kian leapt onto the wheelie bin and grabbed at the rusty stair connecting to the roof. He lost his footing and stumbled a little, causing the bin to hit repeatedly against the wall. From the roof, he looked down and gave Athena a friendly smile and wink, pointed at Curtis with a ‘Go get ‘EM!’ look, then disappeared. Kian’s booming interruption, the ‘bop-bop’ bin-slapping noise and obvious message had all but made the entire moment completely awkward.

               “Can you stand?”

                His tone was unimpassioned and emotionless; a complete 180 to his friend’s spirited manner. Athena nodded as she took Curtis’s hand and steadied on her feet. Her head was still pounding, though it had receded enough for her to try and make sense of the situation.

                “What… happened?” she asked Curtis hesitatingly. The sun set over the horizon as he stood motionless and quiet. “You don’t remember,” he surmised. She affirmed with a second nod, immediately regretting it because her head started pulsating again.

                “They were stupefied by your sudden aggression,” Curtis began. “The lot of them just stared at you with a dumb look. So I made the first move.”

                His first adversary was subdued even before the brawl began. The force of Curtis’s unexpected kick sent the man flying off his feet into a brick wall. The second one, however, had readied himself and put up a defense. Curtis’s moves were precise and fervent; it was clear he was more experienced than his foe. As they exchanged blows, he had to fight his urge to look out for the girl, though he was concerned about her fighting two on her own. I need to finish this quickly before something bad happens.

                It didn’t take long for him to identify an opening and delivered a critical blow to the goon’s guts, sending him reeling on the ground with a blank expression. Immediately, he switched his focus to the girl, only to be filled with dread at the scene which unfolded before him.

26 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2 The Brawl

  1. I love how you narrated this chapter and played with time to make Curtis relate the story back to Athena (as well as to us). I really love it when writers play with time in that way, and you employed it brilliantly!
    On another note, I’m already absolutely loving Curtis and shamelessly shipping him with Athena. You gave him one helluvan entrance and the chemistry between these two is immediately visible!

    1. Aw thank you for the feedback! I don’t know if you’re familiar about the concept how writers reread their story and puke all over themselves, but that’s how I feel when I read my past work (lol). So your feedback brings my attention to where my newbie self did right! 🙂 Yay! More ships! You might change your mind halfway but I’ll take it!

      1. I absolutely think it’s great! I do get the concept of hating your own old stuff, and we’re always our own worst critics anyway… but I really, really like it!

  2. Ahhh.. so that’s what happened. They hit her on the head and knocked her out. No wonder the poor girl has a throbbing headache. But where did they go? =/

  3. Haha I really like Kian too. What ever Curtis’s gang of misfits are up to, I’m here for it, I just hope I’m there while it happens! And what a fighter Athena is, she could have almosthandled them on her own!

    1. Aw yay I’m glad you like Kian. Funfact: one of my earliest comment about him was that he’s a punk lol. He’s got a sweet side to him. Promise 😄

      1. Tee hee! Is that so? I’m going to relate your comment to my friend and tease him a bit then. Maybe he’s jealous of Kian 😏 You’ll see why.

  4. Ditto to Donaeis, and I hope Athena doesn’t have a concussion.

    (yo, let me know if it’s okay to suggest minor edits. I promise to not be a jerk about it.)

      1. Cool—’cause the only common word that describes people with my skill set is a dysphemism comparing us to fascists, I always ask first 😀

        And… moderators of the forums? Oh, oh no. Are people whose stories have naughty language in trouble?

        (“sit on you’re backside” -> “sit on your backside”; “concerned of” -> “concerned about”; “it for her”-> “it because her”, disambiguates because when you read the word ‘for’ your next thought is ‘for what?’; “one however, ” -> “one, however, “; ” bin slapping” -> ” bin-slapping”)

      2. Lol now I’m keen to know what your skill set is. 😆 It sounds like its a fun set to have. Not saying fascism is fun, I meant having a view unlike others. Yup I asked if they were okay with my story being on the forums so they came and checked. At first I tried really hard to keep it T rating, but midway I went ‘plum it’ and wrote it the way I wanted.

        Thanks for the input! They’re really helpful too! This one I can change immediately. 😄

      3. Lol, that’s just me trying to allude to the phrase “grammar Nazi” without actually saying it. And please do let me know if you get sick of the five-minute beta reading. I know pointing out this sort of stuff can make people feel uncomfortable, and will do whatever makes you feel more confident and proud about your story, whether that includes editing suggestions or not.

      4. I’d love it if anyone wanted to beta read! Though I don’t know if that makes for an enjoyable reading experience so feel free to just go with the flow. 😄

  5. Oh no, he actually hit her with a bat? I hope she doesn’t have a concussion. It’s good Curtis was there to help her out, otherwise she might not have made it. I sort of expected her to use her magic but in the end she didn’t? Not that physical fighting didn’t turn out to be effective.

    1. Ahh her magic is awakening, but she doesn’t know of any spells at this point. Thank you for pointing it out to me.. oof I’ll have to try and fit that in some time. I’ll just leave it for now so it’s fair for the reading group. 😄

  6. AHHH OK I wanted to find out what happened and now I’m like, eeek. I hope Athena isn’t really hurt, but that final picture…

    1. Yoo hey! Thanks for commenting I wouldn’t have known you were reading otherwise. I’m still in disbelief about them baths. And I get the cringe whenever I reread so I’m not lying. Hopefully you’ll bypass cringeville quickly.

  7. So she got beamed upside the head with a baseball bat. Yeesh.
    Kian seems like he might be a little annoying, but right now, the jury’s still out.

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