Between Two Worlds

Chapter 1.4 Alley

Warning: profanity, smoking

                “Like a deer caught in the headlights,” Steve taunted, his face contorted in a twisted smile. “While you led us here, I had plenty of time to think up some pretty good ideas on what we’re gonna do to you.” He stepped forward. She backed away instinctively – her heart pounding in her ears. She once overheard Clarissa boasting about how ‘well-connected’ her boyfriend was. She briefly glanced at the similar tattoos branded on their arms as dread filled inside her.

                He licked his lips. “Here I come…” he teased.

                “What the hell do you think you’re doin’ on my turf?”

                They spun around. There was no one else in the deserted alleyway but them. Confused for a second, they look to each other. Finally, one of the thugs pointed to a rusted staircase above them.

                He sat casually on the stair rail looking down upon them – the grave tone in his speech emphasised by his frown and deep furrow in his brow. She noted his lean yet average build, his jet-black hair secured in a messy bun, and rather colourful clothing which heavily contrasted the tense moment. Though he barely looked a couple of years older than her, his hardened gaze and unperturbed manner betrayed a lifetime of experiences.

                “You dawgs causin’ trouble here? Got a death wish?”

                “Mind your own business! We’re gonna break this bitch’s face. She’s gotta pay.”

                “We have an agreement – Keep to your side of the fence and we’ll do the same.”

                “No one’s interested in your shithole. We just want the girl.”

                “Yeah, well she’s in my turf. Get lost.”

                “She’s not from your turf! She ran into your shithole FROM our turf so shut it!” Steve snapped impatiently. The brat was getting on his nerves. His goons echoed their leader and unleashed a fury of unpleasantries at the teen. The boy tossed his cigarette and skilfully hopped off the stairs, leveraging on the bins and boxes to cushion the impact from the ground as if he had done it a hundred times before. He met Steve’s glare with an amused grin as they came face to face with each other.

                “Are you saying, you chased this girl all the way from your ‘hood and still couldn’t catch her?” He jeered, well-aware of his insult to injury. “Weaklings.”

                “Keep talking, and there’s gonna be more than one dead body.” The girl forgotten, Steve and his followers surrounded the boy. They squared their shoulders intimidatingly, but he gave them a bored look.

                “You sure you even leaving this place?” he challenged right back.

                “Enough!” Athena yelled just as they began to scuffle. There will be no end to this – the bullying, the running, her despair and her cursed existence. If the only way to end it all is her demise…

                “You want me?” she looked straight at them. “Bring it on. I’ll take you with me. I’ll take all of you with me!” she screamed.

18 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4 Alley

  1. hmm if she really can hurt others with her magic powers, and the others know it, those dudes sure have a lot of courage to attack her. 🤔 Or did I get it wrong and they don’t know it?

    1. Hi there! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 Athena’s a closeted spellcaster. At this point of the story, she doesn’t know her own powers well. And according to the humans in their Simworld, there’s no such thing as magic! 😀

  2. Interesting how they DO know that Athena really hurt some of their friends on her lonesome, but they DON’T know that severely hurting people + doing that by yourself = very dangerous person to stay the hell away from. Ah, they’re not the brightest bulbs in the neighbourhood shed, the poor guys.
    Also, don’t you dare kill yourself, Athena! 0.o

  3. In love with the smoking dude’s fashion sense; not so in love with his cancer stick. I also just watched West Side Story, so the only thing I can think of saying is, oh no, this dude studies ballet at (the Sim version of) LaGuardia! Run!!

    Good strategy there—suicide threats are *way* more disturbing when they’re just thrown around casually. If you hear someone angsting around like “oh, woe is me, I should just end it all because my life is so hard!” you assume they’re blowing off steam. But if someone shrugs off the fact that they just want to die, it’s going to hit harder because you get the sense they’re used to it.

    1. 😂 He’s purely made from random dice rolls in CAS. I thought his clothes were so much better compared to other townie disasters so I kept them.

  4. I wonder who the the dude is and why he isn’t scared of these thugs. He must either have some confidence in his abilities or a death wish. 😂 I hope Athena doesn’t actually kill anyone here. That won’t help her case and it’d be a rather short story if she did kill herself.

  5. The plot is thickening at such a rapid pace, and I love it! This is really thrilling and super well-written. I’m super intrigued about who this gallant stranger is… but the cliffhanger, oh gosh. Athena, don’t do anything you’ll regret. :c

  6. So some badass dude is standing up for her, inasmuch as he’s p.o.’ed that those other dudes are on his turf. But that doesn’t guarantee that he won’t turn on her. hm.

  7. ““You want me?” she looked straight at them. “Bring it on. I’ll take you with me. I’ll take all of you with me!” she screamed.“

    Awesome!! Now what? And if I didn’t already know Curtis, I’d be worried for him, as Athena clearly is!

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