Between Two Worlds

Chapter 1.1 Dear diary

Dear diary,

Today was awesome! Ms. G gave me another sticker for knowing my timetables up to 13. I did even better than Chloe, she got stuck on 12 x 9. She got a little sour that I won the competition. Oh well, I worked hard! I’m only two stickers away from getting the Golden Student Award! I told mom about it and she got me my favourite peppermint ice-cream when she took me to the park. Silas, Chloe and Ginny were already at the jungle gym. We had a great time playing pirates. I couldn’t play very long as usual though. The camera people came again. Mom doesn’t like them and so do.. er, don’t I? I’ll ask Ms G tomorrow. Every time they take pictures of me and mommy, Silas and Chloe would tease me. I don’t like that. Oh! I also learned a new word from storytime today. ‘Toodles!’ ‘Toodles’ to the camera people! What a funny word!

Dear diary,

Petey was trying so hard not to sleep during Simlish grammar but he end up dropping his head on the table. Silas tried to ‘help’ wake him up by flicking eraser bits at him. The sixth one went straight up his nose hole and he yelled and jumped so high! He must have thought it was a spider. We all laughed. Ms G. was not impressed and poor Petey had to face the corner for the rest of the lesson. Which was why Silas couldn’t wait with us by the gate after school because Petey was chasing him all around. Ginny and Chloe were cheering. It was really funny to watch but I feel a bit bad for Petey so I lent him my Simlish notes. Mom is late picking me up today so I got to meet Ginny’s mom. She recognised my name and mommy’s name too when I told her. In the end, it was nanny Pam who picked me up from school so I couldn’t go to the park. I don’t think I have anything else interesting to write. Ares is wailing because Sesame Street just ended but that’s not interesting. Nanny will rewind the tape again. I’ll go watch too. Toodles!

Dear diary,

Ginny asked me during music if it’s true that daddy died and he died in my room. I didn’t say anything. How did she know? She gave me a weird look. I think she wanted to ask more questions but I pretended to focus very hard on my flute playing. She whispered to Chloe instead. I’m sure they were talking about me but I felt too sad about dad so I didn’t talk to anyone at all. Mommy asked if I wanted to go to the park but I said no. I wanted to come home and write to you.

I never told anyone this. Daddy died when I was 2 years old and I remember it. It’s true! No one can remember their 2 year old time but I do. We were playing and daddy says I win if I climb on his back. He gave me tickle attacks but I won. He was laughing, but then he suddenly fell over and a black covered man appeared and the room got cold.

I cried really hard. Mommy begged him not to take daddy away. The black cloth man left and daddy was still on the floor. I didn’t understand then, but I know now. That man is Death. Like in Ms. G’s story about the dog who was given back his life to save its master! But the dark man didn’t give daddy back his life. It was mommy, mommy used her magi

Dear diary,

Mommy heard me crying yesterday and came in the room so I had to hide you. I feel better now so I’ll continue. Mummy used magic on daddy to bring him to life but it was horrible. Daddy looked horrible, he must be feeling- His eyes look- I cannot write this. Sorry… we have a new student today. Her name is Clarissa. … I think writing about daddy has made me sad. I don’t feel like writing.

Dear diary,

I got the Golden Student Award today. It took me the past 2 weeks to get the last sticker! I got it for good writing. It must be because I write to you! Everyone clapped for me and I gave a big smile and thank like how I see mom practice in front of the mirror sometimes. I thought I would feel happier but something has changed since I last wrote to you.

It all started with Clarissa, the new student. Ginny and Silas like her a lot. I do too, but she’s odd sometimes. Like today when I was in front of class, I saw that Clarissa looked unhappy again. I asked if she was ok but she didn’t want to talk to me. She talked to Ginny instead. That’s ok. I prefer to talk to Ginny and not Silas sometimes so maybe its that. But I feel lonely.

We played at the park but I didn’t enjoy myself as much. Silas and Ginny were quiet and whispering a lot to each other. I tried asking but they kept saying nothing’s up. They laughed a bit too but they won’t tell me why they’re laughing. I feel uncomfortable. I asked mommy to take me home earlier. Maybe its about Clarissa so they can’t tell me without asking her. I hope we can all talk tomorrow.

Dear diary,

I don’t like school. I met Ginny’s mom again and she looked angry at me. She didn’t smile and took Ginny away. Clarissa and Chloe were watching and they were laughing really hard. Silas was grinning too. They do this a lot now.. I think they’re laughing at me. I don’t know what’s going on. Clarissa hasn’t talked to me since the last time I wrote to you. I think she hates me. Ginny talks to me but sometimes she says mean things to me. Like today I asked her to come with me to the bathroom, she says I must be extra dirty and Chloe giggled. I don’t like this at all. Silas says its nothing but he doesn’t play on the jungle gym with me anymore. I catch other people in class looking at me sometimes, but they turn away fast and say nothing too. I don’t know what else to write. We’re all good friends so it should be okay right? Maybe its just Clarissa. Toodles…

Dear diary,

I know what they are saying now. Petey told me to go behind the canteen during recess. They were standing in a group. They know about daddy. And they even know about Death. I shouldn’t have told Ginny. I told her on the day I couldn’t write to you. They saw me hiding and started calling me names… They said untrue things! They said I was a freak and a curse… I thought maybe Clarissa told them to say these nasty things but they say they heard it from their parents so it must be true! Even Silas and Ginny told me to go away.. They say my touch kills people… killed daddy… that my hands are dirty… I’m not dirty! … they’re wrong… I didn’t kill

Dear diary,

It’s been quite awhile. 7 years, 3 months and 11 days to be exact.

Mom’s at school now, discussing my case with Mr Johnson and Ms Brown. I came straight home without waiting for her. Why bother? I already know what’s going to happen to me anyway. Expulsion. Yeah, whatever. Four transfers around Simsville in the last 2 years and it ends with me getting expelled. WHAT. EVER. I don’t care.

By the time I came to my senses, Mr Johnson and Ms Kendal were holding me. Rick, Clarissa, Derek and the rest of the llamaturds were on the floor. The whole gym was in suspense. Like when Drieg confronted Viedt in Watchmen as the world watched in terror, except this is the calm AFTER the storm.

I won’t apologise. They had it coming. They’ve been bullying me for the 5 months that I’ve transferred here. FIVE. FREAKIN. MONTHS. That’s a hundred days of name-calling, pushing, shoving, destroying my gym clothes and possessions and other abuses that I have to endure! School always says there’s not enough proof for action to be taken, and everyone else either ignores it, or treats me as a source of entertainment. I’m done. I’m DONE, mom. I’m done with ignoring, reasoning, or whatever you call the ‘better person’! It’s gotten me nowhere in grade school, and look what it’s done to me now. You’re different from Ares! She says. You can use magic! She says. You might really, really hurt them! She says. Oh yeah? Well, taste my magic fists you llama droppings! How does it feel getting beaten up for a change?

Wow, my hands are shaking. I guess I was truly angry. .. They did look pretty hurt. Mom will have to meet the parents and apologise and.. probably settle their medical bills on my behalf… The media will be all over us again.. … Maybe I shouldn’t have… I don’t know. Was I supposed to take it? Where’s the justice in that! I don’t really know what I should’ve done.

Maybe… I was wrong. I acted rashly. I’ll never apologise to those bullies, but I should apologise to mom when she comes home. She doesn’t deserve anymore public slander, not when she worked so hard to shed the gossips from the past. And I’ll never tell her the real reason why I lost it… because they called her a.. a ****… … Mom doesn’t need to know because she doesn’t deserve that. She’s been nothing but loyal. She’s never dated since dad died. 13 years.. Not even once.

She’s home. I have to chuck you in the fireplace, can’t leave any evidence behind. Thank you for hearing me out one last time. Toodles.

Signing out,



  • Athena is only 15 years old! I know she looks WAY older but hardships tend to do that to people so I left it. Another reason too was I didn’t want to change her inherited features – mom’s facial structure and skin, but dad’s everything else. Am also finding her RBF face refreshing!
  • If you haven’t seen her bio I’ll state this now, Athena has the celebrity emotion bomb quirk. There will more than the occasional ‘llama’ talk. You have been, and will be warned!
  • Thank you for reading!

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20 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1 Dear diary

  1. Athena is so pretty! And I love the “dear diary” format a lot, it works very well especially for the initial children’s perspective as she grows up!

    1. Yes, that’s true! Im glad you enjoyed this chapter. It is actually a rewrite as I was experimenting different styles and decided i liked this best 🙂

  2. Poor Athena, it sounds like she had a rough childhood. Not to mention the trauma of having your father die before your eyes, in your room, at two years old 0.o They say children forget the happy memories from early childhood, but remember the unhappy ones. Would that be her earliest memory?

    1. Yes, you’re exactly right that it would be her earliest memory. I base it on my own where I don’t remember much of being 5 y.o. anymore except the sequences of 1 particular memory because it had been so painful (physically).

      Her father dying autonomously by game mechanics, and then dying again after I resurrected him was what prompted the storyline. I had to watch their family grieve twice 😅😅😅 Athena’s scarred from that for sure.

  3. Phew, what a roller-coaster of emotions! It all started so sweet and innocent, feels like we’ve really been through it all with poor Athena. It must have all been really hard on her, and then she might have some internalised guilt on top of it all. A part of me was sad she burned her diary, but she probably wouldn’t want to relive those memories.

    On the bright side, llamaturd is an excellent insult!

    1. You’re spot on about the guilt! She’s quite messed up from this.

      Small tidbit: She wanted to, but she didn’t in the end. Don’t worry this is not a spoiler!

      😂 I secretly like the insult too.

  4. Yeah! Give me a protagonist who keeps tanking their own progress as they try to process trauma or give me, uh, a meh attitude toward everything! And I greatly appreciate the juxtaposition of her father’s death, and her role in it, with the relatable excitement over academic reward stickers.
    (hey psst Chloe: 12×9 = (10+2)x9 = 10*9 + 2*9 = 90 + 18 = 108)

    1. Rofl! I can totes imagine Chloe targeting you next.

      🤣 I had to look that word up. And you’re right about Athena. Hopefully it won’t be too frustrating as you read through her life story. She’s rarely in her best moment throughout. 😅

  5. Author notes excite me. I’m glad you add them in.
    I felt so bad for Athena. She didn’t deserve all the bullying. And for what? Her father dying? Children can be cruel. You did a great job on the writing from a child’s perspective with the mistakes and all. It felt like I was really reading Athena’s diary. I’m sort of glad she stood up for herself though. The bullies probably deserved it.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t do as much author’s notes as I should. Thank you for bringing it up. I’ll take into account especially when the story starts in the middle. Agreed children form cliques for the strangest reasons. Thank you for the feedback I’m glad the diary entry felt real. 🙂

  6. This is so sad. Poor kid. Losing her dad. Magic abilities. Paparazzi. Rumors. Bullying. She’s been through a lot. I hope she will find herself and be comfortable with who she is. I like how we got to read through the eyes of a child and I could see how her writing changed as she aged. I love the llamaturd insult. I’m a little sad she burned her diary and won’t be able to read it again as an older adult. I occasionally like to reread my childhood journals. But the memories are painful so I don’t blame her.

  7. Love that you used Athena’s diary as a framing device for this part. I think it’s a really effective way of showing how she grows up and the emotions that she lived through in her own words. It’s fascinating! I feel bad for her, she didn’t really have a great childhood, did she? :/ And did I read that she can do magic? Intriguing….

    1. Thank you! (and I’m going to go check what framing device means in a bit) Yeah her childhood was rough. She can’t do magic yet. I’m sticking to sims games that powers don’t awaken until teens 🙂

  8. Ok! I’m starting from the beginning! I thought I’d read these early chapters, but now I’m not sure, lol

    And, as usual, I have questions. 🤔😂 Don’t worry about answering them though, unless I missed the answer and it was already here and I missed it.

    She says her daddy died when she was 2, and her mom brought him back to life with magic. but he didn’t look right.

    Then I can’t find reference to if/when he’s died again. It’s obvious that he’s gone – when the diary skips 7 years, but I’m not sure about when she was a child and the kids started teasing her. I think he’s dead, because they are teasing her about killing him. What sweeties they are 🙄

    And what’s up with Clarissa? I’m assuming it’s the same Clarissa from her childhood that she just harmed somehow – and again, I’m making assumptions, but I think she did something to them with magic.

    I imagine this is all answered shortly 😝 So don’t worry about answering.

    I just thought you’d love to see how my mind works lol

    It’s a really great starter chapter! Obviously I want to read more! So many questions!

    1. Yeah Nolan passed away right after he got resurrected. Kids tease each other for the dumbest things and in her case its quite a horrible thing.

      Yup it’s the same Clarissa from childhood. You’re right that it will be addressed bt it’s not a problem to know now imo 😄

      Ahhh im glad you’re reading again but don’t feel like you need to reread from the beginning. Im pretty sure you remember the significant enough events to carry over to s2 😄

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