Between Two Worlds

Prologue: Athena’s Family Background

The Renteria household began as commoners, just like everyone else. The first who came into the neighbourhood: Maximillian and Serenity were the kind of neighbours anyone could hope for – friendly, helpful, warm and welcoming. They were a lovely addition to Willow Creek – definitely touched by the angels too. For with every generation, the Renteria household only grew wealthier, more popular and even more prosperous.

The success of each generation was of no surprise to anyone, but Nolan’s future was the most unexpected of all. He possessed neither his parent’s business sense, nor his brother’s talents. Nolan, youngest of Maximillian’s great-grandsons, was a loner who wanted nothing more than to spend his quiet days tending to a small plot of land in a secluded corner of Brindleton Bay. His personality bland; his farm life so predictable that the media almost forgot about him, until he met Avery.

They were quite the mismatched couple. Avery was a newcomer in the celebrity scene; fame brought about by one of her paintings that drew critical acclaim. She dressed well and had the sweetest, doll-like features. On the other hand, Nolan never paid attention to his appearance. His skin was burnt from the sun and his hair was never brushed. He walked the streets in dirt-stained clothes and worn out boots, oblivious to the smell of sweat and compost from his attire. The public tolerated his quirks – he was the youngest heir of the affluent Renteria household after all.

Try as they could, paparazzi’s couldn’t dig up any dirt on Avery’s mysterious origin – where did this woman come from? Why is there no information on her background? How did she come to rub shoulders with the Renteria household? Why does she seem clueless about Simsville? It was as if Avery came to Simsville from a magic portal (Yes, she did shh!). Wild assumptions and scandalous gossip spread like wildfire. Perhaps she was an illegal simsville immigrant, a mail-order bride for Nolan, a gold digger who got lucky. The latter two were quite popular theories.

Avery and Nolan’s whirlwind romance brought on quite the stir. Nolan went completely out of character. He dressed up and attended events with her, took her on lavish dates and bought Avery the biggest diamonds. They were all over each other, and further sent the media into a deep frenzy with their daylight romp in San Myshuno, an incident which further sullied Avery’s reputation, especially when the media found her pregnant before marriage, followed by a shotgun wedding.

Nolan’s later tragic and unexpected death worsened the reputation of his newlywed bride. Barely a year after they moved into the largest mansion in the Pinnacles, Nolan died from cardiac arrest, brought upon by a wave of hysteria. It was a common disease among affluent sims who experience too much bliss. But to the public, it was ‘proof’ of her gold digging vixen ways.

Everyone in Simsville knows of the Renteria household now, but fame came with a price. “Black widow” Avery was gossiped on every celebrity breaking news channel. Not even her first born, Athena, was spared from the ruthless gossipers, who branded her the first of the respected household’s downfall, the cursed child of Avery’s distasteful scandalous act. At least, her brother Ares was spared.

This is Athena’s story, the firstborn of the 5th generation Renteria.

Authors Note:

  • The prologue is set in the late-80s and the story will move on to the 90s/early 2000s. I imagine the public’s reaction to be very critical due to the conservative times then.
  • There will be lesser narration in the other chapters! Thank you for reading!

28 thoughts on “Prologue: Athena’s Family Background

  1. It’s a great start! I like legacies that present the first few gens in summary, then dive into the details once we begin to vary from the established opening patterns.

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my story and for the comment. c: I always pamper my legacy families but this gen’s events were so out of my playstyle I had to document it. I’m glad you found it enjoyable!

    1. Aw hi! Thank you for checking out my story. My front chapters are pretty awkward so dont hesitate to just read the spoilers and hop on the latest chapters 🤣

  2. Whoa, that’s a beginning that you don’t see often. Intriguing! You immediately made me wonder both if Nolan’s death really was an accident, and what’s really going on with Avery. Perhaps it’s all a misunderstanding and they truly had a happy life until Nolan’s death? In which case it’s quite the tragedy.
    I like it! It’ll take me a while to catch up, but I am excited to see where it goes!

    1. Ahh thank you for checking out my story. Take all the time you want. It’s not going anywhere 😄 I like the way you think because you’re the earliest person who raised suspicion in this scene and people! No spoilers, but yes this moment is important. 😊 maybe you will figure out my storyline hehe!

  3. Quite the feat to catch up the reader with an established legacy, but you’ve managed really well, just the right level of detail to get us invested without getting into grandad’s favorite colour of socks 😄 Growing up with all that drama must have been difficult on the kids, Athena especially! Curious to learn more about them – and find out more about Avery’s backstory!

    1. Ahh!! Rofl I wonder if anyone tried the ‘grandad’s favorite sock hook’! I’d love to read about it (no, analyse it lol I couldn’t care less about dem socks!!😂

      Thank you for checking out my story! Avery’s backstory is somewhere in the further chapters. For the first arc (ch.1-5) It’s a introduction to the mains on the banner! 😃

  4. FIFTH GENERATION. Whoa. You’ve been at this for a long time. What finally inspired you to post?
    True to character, I don’t trust anyone yet. Least of all the media here. Pregnant? Before marriage?? Oh, how scandalous! Catch me, I’m fainting. (Realistic take though.)

    1. Lmao Thank you for checking out my story! I decided to post this generation because unlike my other gens where the characters are pristine, this gen is hella messy with some rather interesting sim autonomous moments. I made a plot out of those moments and this story is born. 😄

      Yeap I set everything before the digital age. Cassettes and laser disks are a thing in my story even if its not shown 😂

      1. Hah, sounds pretty similar to how mine started! But you’re doing the narrative style right out of the gate, which is what I wish I’d done, lol.

  5. Ah, I didn’t know you did the same thing as me with the Villareals! An established family and story with you starting to document in the middle. This might be my favourite set-up. It shows that you’re so excited about a family you have to document what’s happening. It makes me excited to get into it. 😊

  6. Really liking this set-up. It’s so cool that this is already in its fifth generation and you’re starting the story here! I’m excited to read more.~

    Wonderful screenshots, too! I have to say, I had to read twice because I kept focusing on the pictures more than the narration. They’re so beautiful!

    1. Hiya! Thanks for reading and liking and everything woah! ❤ I'm so excited to hear what you have to say for each one! Don't hesitate to go ham. I'd love ot know what you think 😀

  7. Loads of juicy little nuggets already. “It was as if Avery came to Simsville from a magic portal (Yes, she did shh!).” LOL! love it. “Nolan died from cardiac arrest, brought upon by a wave of hysteria. It was a common disease among affluent sims who experience too much bliss.” Who knew bliss could be fatal? XD
    Gotta go to work, but this will be sitting and waiting for me when I get home!

  8. Since you found me I decided to look at your story. I am so delighted that I did. I can’t wait to keep on reading and get caught up on this. I’m intrigued!

    1. Hi Whitney!Thanks for checking out my story! Super appreciate it! I can’t wait to dive deeper into your story too. You leave your chapters on a cliffhanger too! 😆 💔 all that teasing on my heart!

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