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Magnolia Park

These stories contain controversial themes that may be troubling. Discretion advised.

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B2W S2: Celebrity journalist Eva Emberglow wants nothing to do with the protests in San Myshuno, but her editor has spoken otherwise. As she covers the streets with a new partner, she realises too late that what she found is best left buried, and now she is caught in a bitter conflict of crime and magic. #dark #grim

B2W is my first ever simLit story about the teenage life of my 5th generation legacy heiress. Join the cast as they find themselves in a world of magic, crime, and celebrity stardom. #dark, #grim, #prepareyourself

Y.I.C.C depicts Yanzi’s tale as a concubine in the Forbidden City. It is highly inspired by the Imperial Concubine Challenge located here, and is a mash up of the Han, Tang, and Qing Dynasty.
(On hiatus.)